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Why Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in New Jersey is Not the Best

Even though it’s not the case with some states, New Jersey auto insurance laws needs to be taken very seriously because of many reasons,  but mainly that it treats harshly anyone that doesn’t follow them. In order to be able to drive legally on the roads and highways in the state of New Jersey every driver needs to fulfill the minimum insurance requirements. Even though that the state minimum will help you to drive legally many recommend a bigger policy. Here follow the minimum requirements, what that means to you as a driver, why it is a good idea to purchase a bigger auto insurance policy and how to obtain the best rate.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in New Jersey

The minimum insurance policy can cover costs up to $25.000 per person for body injuries, $50.000 for body injuries for more than one person and up to $25.000 for property damages. Without this policy, no one can legally operate a vehicle in the state of New Jersey. However, the law recognizes few exceptions. The state of New Jersey doesn`t require any insurance policies for motorcycles, certain seasonal agricultural vehicles, stolen vehicles, non-drivable vehicles, junked  or salvaged vehicles. This is important to know because in case you with your vehicle are involved in accident with the vehicles that are on the exceptions lists, your insurance policy will cover the damage regardless whose fault is. This is because of the tort system, which is still in force in New Jersey.

Can You Trick The System?

If you don`t want to mess with the state of New Jersey once you purchase your policy, you need to make sure that you have it all time in your vehicle and to renew it when the time comes to do so. The renewable date is something that you can check on your car insurance policy papers. In case you forgot to renew it, the state of New Jersey can send you a small fine. That is if you don`t renew it within the first ten days after the expiration of the renewal date. Another way to check your renewal date is to go online and visit the official web site of the Department of Revenue.

Why Go For Bigger Insurance Policy?

The main reason for going for more expensive policy is because in many accidents the minimum insurance doesn`t cover the cost of the accident, regardless if it is for hospital costs, car repair or other property damage. The thing is that nowadays even simple hospital procedures can cost a lot, not to mention that you hit some luxury car. $50.000 per accident are too often, too many times too little to cover such costs.

How to Deal With That?

In order to make the most of your money is to look for great deals on insurance policies. The easiest ways is right in front of your nose, just enter your zip code above on this same page, and wait for a while. After a while you`ll get quotes from some of the cheapest car insurance companies. It can easily happen to pay less and buy more. Stick to what you read and not only will you never be in trouble with auto insurance laws in New Jersey but you will get the best insurance deals.