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Why Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act Is Important For New Jersey Drivers

When it comes to New Jersey car insurance laws, the automobile insurance cost reduction act is by far the most significant legislative. This act made it possible for every driver in the state in New Jersey to obtain cheap car insurance and what is cheaper than a basic car insurance policy. For some time every driver in New Jersey is obligated to have at least basic insurance coverage.

Thanks to the automobile insurance cost reduction act. It is now possible to get cheaper car insurance than the standard auto insurance policy. The basic insurance policy includes protection for $250 000 per significant or permanent injuries and for $15 000 per person, per accident for personal injuries. However, that also involves property damage liability of $5 000 per accident, if you are the direct cause for the accident.

The basic policy does not include collision or comprehensive coverage nor does it cover underinsured or uninsured motors. As it can be seen the basic policy which is the main fruit of the automobile insurance cost reduction act offers the cheapest car insurance in the State of New Jersey. The downside to it is that it offers only minimal coverage which is much better than no coverage at all. The law requires the drivers to have this coverage at all time. Another great benefit from this policy is that with it you can take legal actions in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Drivers without it or any other insurance do not have the right to take any legal action regardless whose fault is it

To be clear, the automobile insurance cost reduction act goal is not to bring this type of insurance to everyone. The goal is to make it possible for everyone to obtain some sort of insurance, people that cannot afford any other insurance or whatever reason. Even if the policy found is a New Jersey cheap car insurance is the cheapest one, this is not the right car insurance for most of the drivers. For most of the people standard insurance policy provides all the necessary coverage and you need to look for companies that offer the cheapest standard coverage policies.

The thing is that the car insurance industry is one of the most competitive ones with companies pushing their rates lower and lower. If you have never checked what the current rates are or compared yours with other policies the chances are you are paying too much. As they say there is no better time than present to get an idea how much a new policy would cost you and how much you can save on that expense.

The best way to get the best rates for your car insurance is to go online and get free quotes from different insurance companies. Nowadays that can be done easily and it only takes just a moment of your time. All you need is a computer or an internet connection. Even by reading this article you are half way to getting the lowest possible rates on your car insurance.  Knowing the New Jersey car insurance laws can help you a lot sometimes when searching for low rates, but knowing how to find who offers the lowest rates most of the times is the trick that will do the job.

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