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Top Ten Questions to Ask an Auto Insurance Agent in New Jersey

Each year, every single driver in the state of New Jersey is obligated by law to renew or obtain a new insurance policy. At the same time every driver that values his money needs to have a talk with his New Jersey auto insurance agent and check if there is a way to lower the premiums or perhaps why they are higher that year before if that is the case. However, the fact that you will sit on the same table does not mean that the insurance agent will talk to you about every aspect that is important to you. The thing is that there are few things that most agents don`t prefer to talk about because of the risk they have from losing your business. Here follow ten questions that you need to ask your insurance agents during such talk that can help you lower your premium.

10. How your age affects your premium?

AutoInsuranceInNewJerseyThis is very significant because different life stages bring different rates and different types of discounts. For an example teenagers can lower their premium by having high average, while adult drivers if they have a good driver`s record and good credit rating. If you don`t ask you won`t know, therefore ask.

9. Do they calculate your insurance score in your premium?

Even though that many insurers don`t use the credit score when assessing your rating there are some that do. The insurance score is largely based on your bank credit score. The better you stand with your bank credit the less you need to worry about how it affects your premium. On the other hand, if your credit score is not so well balanced you need to talk about it with your car insurance agent in New Jersey about it. If it has a big effect on your premium you`ll probably need to consider going to new insurance company that doesn`t consider this factor as important as with them. With all that said, you need to know that no insurance company can deny or cancel your coverage just because of your bad credit score. The state of New Jersey has a law that prohibits them from doing so.

8. How much you can save on your premium if you limit your right to a lawsuit.

Many people limit their rights to lawsuit in order to cut down their premiums. Limited right to sue means that you cannot sue someone that caused an accident in which you were involved. However, there are some exceptions, which apply to this rule in terms right to a lawsuit. You can still someone in case you suffer displaced fracture, significant disfigurement, or scarring, permanent injury, loss of fetus, loss of body part and death. The insurance agent needs to tell you how much money you can save if you limit your lawsuit right. Based on that than you can make a decision whether you`ll follow through or no.

7. How much discount you`ll get if you take defensive driving lessons?

In order to improve the safety on the roads, the state of New Jersey has a law that says that every driver that passes the defensive driving course can ask for a discount from the insurance policyholder. At the same time, the insurance companies are obligated to give discount to anyone who can prove that has passed the course. The New Jersey motor vehicle commission is the governing body that is responsible for implementing this law.

6. What if you install an alarm system to your car?

Installing an alarm system in your car can lower your premium; almost every car insurance company will give you a discount only because of that. What you need to find out from your insurance agent how much you can save on your premium if you do so? That way you can easily calculate is it worth installing the alarm system or no. How much is that depends of the insurance company and their overall policy.

5. What if you name your spouse on your policy as well?

The thing is that vast majority of the insurance companies see marriage as a positive thing in terms of NJ car insurance. They see married couples as sign of stability and responsibility and as a result, they give good discounts. How much discount you can get once again depends from the insurance company. You need to talk to your insurance agent about it and he will surely tell you.

4.  What if you lower your annual mileage below 10.000 miles?

If you can do that you can expect your premium to be significantly reduced, how much your insurance agents will know the best. However, you need to be sure that you can do that because they might check at some point of time if you talk the truth and penalize you if you lie about it.

3. What if you bring all of your insurance policies with their company?

This is the question that will most likely bring a smile to your insurance agent`s face. Insurance companies appreciate when clients do that and by default give great discounts to their loyal clients. Place your home and car insurance under one roof and you can expect up to 15% discount.

2.  Does your car`s safety features affect your premium?

Vehicles with some or plenty of safety features can lower your premium, something that your insurance agent knows and can confirm if you ask him about. Not only that you need to ask him about, but you need to tell him to write them down so they can be calculated when assessing risk and your premium.

1. Are all of your data correct?

Each year check if your insurance policy is up-to-date. Talk to your insurance agent and check if all is well and correct because it can mean a lot to your premium. For an example if you oust to park your car on the street and now you park your car in a garage it will make a big difference for your premium. That is a small detail, which can mean a lot for your premium.

With all said so far, there is one question that you do not need to ask your insurance agent. That is where to get free quotes on your insurance policy. Insurance agents do not appreciate such questions because the answer might mean losing your business. If you are interested in companies offering cheap auto insurance in New Jersey, enter your zip on this top of this page.