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Top Tactics to Maximize your Savings on New Jersey Auto Insurance

Finding cheap New Jersey auto insurance is more than a myth than a reality, mainly because this state has the second highest auto insurance rates in the country. However, that doesn`t mean that you cannot find the cheapest of all and maximize your savings. There are few things to consider when looking for new or renewing your current auto coverage. Here is some of the most effective money saving tactics, which can be applied for car coverage on the territory of the state of New Jersey.

Pick Your Cars Carefully

This is important when buying a new car. Cars that are popular among thieves, cars that cost a lot for maintenance, sports cars, luxury cars, they can cost you a small fortune to insure. If your incomes are not proportional to the class of your car you need to be wiser and go for a car that is closer to your standard, car with plenty of safety features and car that doesn`t cost a lot to repair. The insurance companies will value that and will give you more reasonable premium.

Defensive Driving Class

The New Jersey laws obligate insurers to give you a discount if you pass this course. Every insurance company operating within the state must observe and comply with the mandated laws. The New Jersey motor vehicle commission is responsible for implementing this directive into practice.

Drive Safe

Even though that this is understood, it needs to be pointed out when talking about NJ car insurance rates. The cleaner your driving record the lower your premium will be. Keep it clean more years in a row and you`ll pay the lowest possible premiums.

Park Your Teenagers in Your Least Expensive Car

If you have a teenage son, you had better be skilled in explaining why a sports car is off limit for him. However, if you name your teenage children as drivers of your least expensive cars your premiums won`t change much, opposite of what would happen if you name some or all of them as drivers of a sports car.

Name Your Spouse as a Driver

Most of the insurance companies see this as a sign of responsibility and stability and offer discounts. This is one of the benefits of getting married.

Raise the Deductibles

According to the statistics, each driver in average, files a comprehensive claim once in ten years and collision claim once every three years. The mathematic say that if you increase your collision deductible from $200 to $500 you can save around 30% annually.

Combine Coverage’s’

As with most other products, insurance companies offer greater discounts the more business you bring to them. For an example, if you bring your home and car coverage to a single insurance company you can expect up to 15% discount.

Deal With the Small Staff on Your Own

Often claims often raise red flags to insurance companies; some of the insurers can even deny you to renew your policy with them if you have more than two or three claims in three years. So try to sweat the small staff and pay if your own pocket if the damage is not too big.

Check Your Credit Rating

Even though that not all company consider this when they assess your risk and make your premium, you need to make sure that your insurer considers it or not. If your credit rating looks great you have no problem and that can mean lower premium, but if your credit rating is bad than you are in trouble. Bad credit can significantly influence increase your premium. That is why it`s crucial you talk about this matter with your insurance agent and ask him to explain you where you stand with it.

Limit Your Right to Lawsuit

This is something that needs to be carefully considered before asking for it. Even though that limited right to lawsuit means that you will have lower premiums it also means that you can`t sue anyone if you are hurt in a car accident for which is not your fault. However, there are exceptions for which you can still sue, such as; significant disfigurement or scarring, displaced fracture, loss of body part, loss of fetus, permanent injury, and death.

How Your Age Influences Your Age

Different age brings different risks, different criterions and with that different types of discounts. The best way to understand how it affects your premium and the possibility for discounts is if you talk to your insurance agent. Make sure you that he explains every detail of that so you can get the best deal.

Study Hard

This might sound bit cheesy but if you are a teenager and you want lower premium you need to maintain good average. Students that maintain an average of B are automatically qualified for a discount on their auto insurance policy. If you don`t have that average you need to visit the study rooms more often if you want your discount.

Annual Mileage

This depends on how much miles you do with your vehicle every year. Most insurers don`t ask you about this because they assume that you drive more than 10.000 miles per year. However, if you are one of the rare drivers that I average drives less than that you need to tell that to your insurance agent. Everybody that drives less than 10.000 miles per year is qualified for a discount.

Get Free Quotes from Other Insurance Companies

Some know, some don`t that it`s possible to get plenty of free quotes from insurance companies. The insurance agents prefer not to speak about this because they might lose your business even though that they are aware of that. The way to do that is if you use some of the online services specially designed to give you free quotes from insurance companies.

If you find that useful just type in your zip above on this page and you will have your free quotes in just a few seconds. Getting quotes from as many as possible auto insurance companies in New Jersey is the best if not only way to find cheap coverage.