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Things Your Insurer Doesn’t Tell You about Your Car Insurance

Getting cheap auto insurance in New Jersey can be like a walk in the park, that is if everyone knows his rights as a driver and the insurance laws. The insurance companies prefer to keep some things to them and don’t speak about them unless they are asked. Most of them do so because they fear that they will lose your business. However, you as someone who is only interested in getting the best coverage your money can buy you need to know your rights and New Jersey auto insurance laws that affect your premiums. Here are some of the things that are never or rarely heard from an insurance agent.

There is an act that passed in 1974 and that is about not telling your insurer about your past convictions after certain period of time. For an example let’s say you were caught driving under the influence long time ago. If you mention that to your new insurance agent your premiums will significantly increase. The auto insurance laws in New Jersey say that you don’t have to mention that after a period if that is your wish. That way your premium won’t skyrocket.  Even though most of the drivers in NJ don’t know about it doesn’t mean that this law is not in force.

Just because you are single, in a relationship or you have a long engagement you are not qualified for a discount as oppose of married couples. You can have the perfect driving record and yet to pay much higher premiums than your married friends. Most insurance agents don’t talk about it unless they are asked and will only mention this to you when and if you ever get married. Also, they don’t mention that your bad credit score can strongly affect your premiums. Once again that is totally unrelated to your driving record and how you do on the road but it strongly affects your premiums as same as just because you are single. The only way to change that is if you change the insurance company and go with some that does not take that in consideration. However, you need to know that every insurer in NJ can’t refuse to make you an insurance policy just because you have a bad credit score. That is something that is confirmed by law. If an insurer does not respect that you can complain to the commission of motor vehicles in NJ and they can take the matter in their hands.

In addition to all that, most insurance companies won’t tell you that you can renew your cheap auto insurance in New Jersey in any given moment and they are obligated to give you some refund accordingly. You have the right to do so if you want and no one can say you otherwise. They won’t also tell you that you can get plenty of free quotes and find the lowest one. The reason for that is more than obvious; they fear that they will lose your business.

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