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Ten Effective Ways for Teens to Obtain Cheap Car Insurance in New Jersey

Most teenagers can`t wait to sit behind the wheel and enjoy the freedom that comes with that. However, most of them become much unmotivated once they hear how much it costs to cover their car insurance in New Jersey. Considering that car insurance in New Jersey is mandatory it`s more than clear that this is a serious obstacle for many new drivers, especially teenagers. However, even though that purchasing insurance cannot be bypassed there are few ways to lower the premium. Here are ten tips that can help you to achieve that;

10. Defensive driving test is something that every teenager should do before obtaining an insurance policy. The state of New Jersey obligates insurance companies to give discount to everyone that have a proof that passed the defensive driving test, teens included.

9. Do well in school – Strange as it sounds, but students with high average are given discount on their insurance coverage. That is as long as the student can bring a proof of success to the insurance agent. Most of the insurance agencies offer such discounts. For the state if New Jersey that average should be “B” or higher.

8. Choose basic coverage – The minimum requirement in the state of New Jersey is to have at least basic coverage if you want to drive legally. If you drive yourself mainly to school or to work than this type of coverage is what you need, otherwise you might consider standard insurance policy.

7. Alarm system – Install an alarm system in your vehicle and you automatically qualify for a discount on your insurance policy. However, you need to point that out to your insurance agent to consider that when calculating your premium.

6. Vehicle safety features – This is much similar as with the alarm. Insurers always appreciate if their clients have some extra safety feature part of their vehicle. The safer your vehicle is the lower your premium will be, just once again don`t forget to mention that to your insurance agent.

5. Limit your lawsuit options – This might not be such a good idea for anyone spending more time on the road, but if it is not the case, it can bring good discounts to an auto insurance policy for teen drivers.

4. Don`t go for a fancy model or new car – This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that first time drivers do. Beginners should always start with an older vehicle and upgrade later because of many reasons. First of all that the premiums won`t be as high as with a new or some sports car, second of all there is a good chance that you make mistakes that will show on your car.

3. Annual mileage – Most of the teenager drivers spend less than 10.000 miles per year. If you are part of that group, you need to talk that through with your car insurance agent in NJ and get yourself a discount.

2. Choose same insurance company as your parents – The more insurance policies with one company the better. Insurance companies appreciate that and regularly approve discounts in such cases.

1. Quotes – Getting as many quotes as possible is one of the best ways to get lower premium on your car insurance.

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