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Auto Insurance in New Jersey and The Law’s Required Coverage

There are a number of questions about car insurance that need answers. This will surely put minds of New Jersey residents to rest.

1) What is the minimum liability requirement stipulated by the statutory law in New Jersey?

Auto insurance laws in New Jersey is not as conventional as the rest of the states.  No matter how the laws might be in the US, its auto insurance laws are unique in that most of the states require having a minimum insurance liability of a certain monetary value. Mostly this involves causing bodily harm to one or more persons and insurance against property damage. In New Jersey, you are required to have PIP insurance $15,000 per person i.e. Personal Injury Protection whereas in most of the other states is not a mandatory requirement. You are also required to have bodily injury protection as well as carry property damage liability insurance.

2) What is uninsured motorist coverage?

This is the coverage involving property damage and/or bodily harm where one party does not have insurance or is underinsured. In such cases, one cannot sue the insurance company if one is involved in an accident and has no auto insurance in New Jersey.

3) What is comprehensive coverage?

Comprehensive coverage deals with the aspects that are not covered under liability insurance cover and collision insurance cover. It covers for such things as natural disasters, car theft or vandalism, replacing the windshield and other situations that are mostly out of your control.

4) What is collision coverage?

Collision coverage is exactly what it sounds like. It covers for damages in the event your car gets in a collision with an object or even another vehicle. What your auto insurance in New Jersey does is estimate the value of your vehicle and pays you the amount. The maximum amount is the actual value of the car minus the deductible amount.

5) What is gap insurance?

In the event that your car is rented or even financed this insurance coverage will ensure that if you are involved in a car accident over this period, the car insurance company will cover for the difference between the amount you owe the lender or the leaser, and the amount the car insurance carriers offers as the current value.

Understanding the different types of car insurance covers offered is vital in order to decide on what is useful to you and what is not. The relevant New Jersey auto insurance coverage will help you save a lot of money and in the event of an accident you will not be caught off guard. Find out more and even read on what other questions are being asked on the subject of New Jersey car insurance by entering your zip code at the beginning of this page. Get free New Jersey auto insurance quotes too.