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How to Apply for Auto Insurance in New Jersey for Low-income Earners

The SAIP or special automobile insurance policy is an option offered in New Jersey for individuals who cannot afford the conventional car insurance offered by most of the auto insurance companies in the state. This has so far decreased the number of motorists who are uninsured or under insured driving on the state roads. In essence the policy offers only some limited coverage but is better than the option of being uninsured. You however have to qualify for the policy meaning in the state of New Jersey, only those eligible for Federal Medicaid including hospitalization can get with the program. Worth noting is the fact that this policy only covers for medical expenses and the insured party will have to part with $365 per year.

Here are a few steps to follow in order to get New Jersey auto insurance with the minimum ease:

1.            You can to contact an auto insurance agency or inquire about PAIP i.e. Personal Automobile Insurance Plan to get contacts to the most reliable auto insurance company in your locality. The New Jersey PAIP number is 1-800-652-2471

2.            Give the preceding auto insurance agent your Medicaid card, which should be valid. The identification number on the card should indicate if the holder of the card is qualified for PAIP.

3.            Complete the transactions by signing the documents provided by the New Jersey cheap car insurance provider. As said before, the policy will only cost qualified individuals $365 if paid installments and $360 if paid as a single upfront lump sum. There are no other payment methods other than this.

4.            New Jersey auto insurance laws dictate that you carry the auto insurance card provided by your auto insurance carrier. You should always have it with you in your car anytime you are driving. Failure to do so may result in penalties and fines that could very well be avoided.

5.            It is however worth mentioning that this policy will only offer coverage for one vehicle but everyone in the household that has met the requirements of driving in the state of New Jersey is eligible to be covered in the policy.

6.            PAIP insurance however does not offer liability cover to any other property or car or even the vehicle listed in the policy. It is strictly coverage for medical expenses and emergency services. For more serious bodily injuries e.g. spinal cord injuries, the cover will go up to a limit of $250,000.

7.            In the event that your car registration or driver’s license is revoked or suspended, then you are not eligible to get this policy.

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