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The DWI and DUI Laws for Young Persons with New Jersey Car Insurance


Numerous people have lost their lives either from driving under the influence or other people who have been victims of DUI. For this reason New Jersey Car Insurance has enacted laws governing DUIs and DWIs. These laws are not only existent in the state of New Jersey but in all other states in the US.  The Blood Alcohol Limit for the state of New Jersey is set at 0.08 percent.  DUI Laws affect all ages of drivers but the most vulnerable of all drivers are those aged between the ages of 21 to around 34. This is the case since most persons in this age group account for the highest number of DUI accidents and traffic infractions. These young people have a higher likelihood of consuming large amounts of alcohol. They are likely to have long nights partying and will more often than not lack a designated driver. This means that they will drive themselves home while they are highly intoxicated. While in this state of intoxication, they have been known to cause accidents which either cost them and other road users their lives or leave them severely injured.

If you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, it is advisable not to refuse to take a breathalyzer test. The breathalyzer test is used to determine your blood alcohol level. It is within your rights to decline the test but is ill advised since this will result in immediate confiscation and suspension of your driver’s license for a period not less than six months. Keep in mind this is before you are arraigned in court to answer to the DUI charge. On conviction of the DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended by the court for the time specified under the law. This suspension will be added to your existing suspension due to declining to the breathalyzer test.

According to New Jersey Car Insurance Laws concerning DUIs, suspension of your license is not the only a consequence to a drunken driving conviction. There is also a financial penalty one must face as a result of a DUI. These so called conviction based surcharges can have a serious financial toll on a convicted individual. These surcharges or penalties vary from state to state. So far, the state of New Jersey has one of the lowest surcharges as compared to all the other states. These penalties are an ongoing process and can easily put a serious dent on your budget. However, the penalties vary according to the gravity of the DUI offense and if it is a repeat offense. The surcharges for the first offense are lower than the second, and the second lower than the third, and so on and so forth. In cases that the DUI caused an accident that either caused injury or fatalities to another person, the consequences are much more than just a fine.

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