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How Your Driving History Can Impact the Premium of Your Auto Insurance in New Jersey

All insurance companies; not only in New Jersey; have to check on an individual’s driving record before undersigning them for auto insurance.  Just like any other business, insurance firms are there to make money. When it comes to Auto Insurance in New Jersey, the lower the risk the more lucrative the client is. Therefore, it stands to reason that if you have numerous traffic infractions with unsafe driving habits and DUIs, you are viewed as an unattractive client and will more often pay high auto insurance premiums.

Among the major issues that affect your Auto Insurance in New Jersey are traffic tickets. There are numerous scenarios that can result in you being issued a traffic ticket. These range from drunk driving to forgetting to put a quarter into a parking meter. However small the reason for the traffic ticket is, it will appear in your driving history and is valuable information for your auto insurer. This information is used to gauge your risk profile. Failing to put a quarter into the parking meter is termed as a non moving traffic violation. Such violations usually have little or no impact on your Auto Insurance in New Jersey rates. On the other hand, traffic tickets due to moving infractions like DUIs, over speeding and careless driving show the auto insurer that you are a high risk entity. This is because chances of you being involved in a claim are higher than other would be safe drivers. So, in order for the insurance company in New Jersey to cover you and itself in the same matter, the insurer will raise your auto insurance premiums as compared to the gravity or conditions surrounding the traffic ticket. Your first ticket might be bypass by your auto insurer but a continued occurrence of the same or a graver offence will automatically affect your premiums. Depending on the state that you reside in, the law therein may not require the insurers to act on your first traffic violations while some may require the insurer to act on it in order to avoid worse mistakes in the future.

The rate at which your premiums increase following traffic infractions varies from carrier to carrier. Other factors that may also come into play in such a case are your type of policy, age and location. In some instances, a single traffic could result in your premium rate increasing. This is mostly the case when it comes to young drivers below the age of 25. This is because young drivers are already viewed as insurance risks so a single traffic violation increases the risk in the eyes of the auto insurance companies. The length of the increase of the premiums with most Auto Insurance in New Jersey companies usually spans three years following a grave traffic infraction. However, this is not constant with all companies so make sure you get this information in detail from your insurance agent or broker. To contact them or to get a third opinion on the matter enter your Zip in the space provided at the start of this page.

How DUI Laws Affect Your Auto Insurance in New Jersey

DUI related accidents have been a thorn in the flesh of Auto Insurance in New Jersey for many decades. As a result, numerous organizations have come up to educate the masses on the dangers of this particular vice. Many residents of New Jersey have been affected either directly or indirectly by drunk driving. Many have lost their loved ones or have had permanent physical and psychological injuries as a result of DUIs.

cheapcarinsuranceinNewJerseyFor these reasons, Auto Insurance in New Jersey has come up with a way of discouraging drunk driving. The oldest and most common way for it is by increasing the premium rates for convicted offenders. Once you are found guilty of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or any drug, your auto insurer automatically considers you a high insurance risk. With insurance companies in all fields, the higher the risk the higher the premiums. It then goes without saying that if you were a normal customer and got convicted of a DUI, your auto insurance premiums will be affected. This form of adding a financial penalty to convicted offenders is one way Auto Insurance in New Jersey chooses to fight against this vice. The same principle is applied by most auto insurance firms across the United States.

Auto Insurance in New Jersey has been receiving a considerable amount of help from private organizations in the fight against intoxicated driving. These private organizations have not only been making their impact in New Jersey but also in all other states in the US. One renowned organization is the Mothers Against Drunk Driving; or as it is popularly known MADD. This organization which began in the 1980s’ has been advocating for stiffer penalties for DUI offenders as well as advising the populace on the perils that come with it. Numerous developments have resulted out of this relentless campaign by this selfless organization. Stiffer penalties have been imposed on DUI offenders as well as the introduction of technology as a way of restricting drunk drivers from going on the road. The penalties and fees imposed by law as a result of their campaign have made having a DUI charge a very costly affair. Repeat offenders often take up to 3 years to pay up for the fines that the court has levied against them on conviction. Also many drug related programs have been established to help offenders who have been found to have a drug problem; which in this case is drug addiction.

As a result of all this, Auto Insurance in New Jersey has benefitted from the reduced DUI related accidents in the recent years. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the offender can either be required to pay a fine or serve a jail term if the circumstances were serious. More of this information on the cost of DUIs as far as Auto Insurance in New Jersey is concerned, enter your Zip at the beginning of the page and we will make sure you get the right information.

An Overview of Car Insurance Laws for Underage DUIs in New Jersey

The minimum drinking age all over the United States is set at 21 years old. In addition, one can start driving from the age of 16. A person below the age of 21 is considered a minor and is not allowed by law to drink alcohol. Usually at this age, individuals are very experimental and have wild lifestyles that will most likely involve drinking. Since the law already allows them to drive at 16 and not drink until they reach 21, there is a set blood alcohol limit for them.

A driver under the age of 21 has a maximum Blood Alcohol Concentration level of 0.01 concerning Car Insurance in NJ. There are serious ramifications for persons in this age group found to be driving with a Blood Alcohol Concentration level of 0.01 percent and above. First of all; as the law dictates; the individual will have their driver’s license suspended for roughly one year. This taint in their driving record will have long term ramifications in the future of the individual. Since most persons in this age group are living with their care givers or doing part time jobs with minimum wage, they will need to reduce their expenses a lot especially when it comes to Car Insurance in NJ. An underage DUI conviction in their record will automatically increase their insurance premiums which will cause a serious strain on their budget. This is obviously a bad start to your driving history since even though you decide to switch to a different auto insurer, with such a record you will be automatically viewed as a high insurance risk. This means that you will be paying high New Jersey auto insurance premiums for a long time to come.

Apart from a suspended license and high future auto insurance premiums, there are other aspects an underage DUI convict has to contend with. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the individual, they may have to pay fines or even face jail time if the individual was involved in an accident that resulted in grievous damage to other individuals and or property. Moreover, you may also be required to attend court mandated drug rehabilitation programs. All of these costs are transferred to the parent in most cases, thus putting an additional financial constraint to the current economic downturn being experienced globally.

Most employers do a background check on their employees as well. It is very sad to have your first job pulled away from you just because of a prior underage DUI conviction. Starting your working career from such a note can adversely affect your future prospects. Such harsh measures are put in place to discourage young inexperienced drivers from being drawn into drunken driving whether above or below the legal drinking age.

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