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Filing an SR-22 with New Jersey Car Insurance for Retrieving Driver’s License

All drivers are required by New Jersey Car Insurance to at least maintain minimum liability cover in order to drive on the roads of the state. These requirements are put in place to safeguard both the drivers of the vehicles as well as other road users and pedestrians in the event of an accident. Accidents can cause bodily injuries to people as well as damage to property so the law is put in place in order to cover such mishaps.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) all over the United States is charged with the responsibility of dealing with persons convicted with drunken driving and other traffic violations. The most common course of action taken by the Department of Motor Vehicles is suspension of one’s driver’s license. The length of the suspension is obviously dependent on the gravity of the traffic offense. The DMV will require you to pay a substantial fee in order to reinstate your driver’s license if you really need to drive in order to make a living. For this, you will be required to take up an SR-22 cover as a prerequisite to reinstating your driver’s license and car registration. The SR-22 insurance cover guarantees the Department of Motor Vehicles that you have sufficient cover for your vehicle for the specified period of time to which your driver’s license suspension will last. The SR-22 insurance premiums must be settled on time. Otherwise, your license may also be suspended and this could be for a longer period than the initial suspension.

With the economic meltdown being experienced worldwide since 2009, more and more drivers are going without auto insurance. Driving devoid of New Jersey Car Insurance is illegal. This means that there has been a rise in issuance of traffic tickets to such individuals. This is because traffic officers randomly stop vehicles to check for proof of auto insurance. During these checks many drivers are issued tickets due to the lack of auto insurance. Other traffic violations that can make you get traffic tickets are; car accidents, going past a red light or stop sign, overtaking a school bus with its stop sign extended, over speeding and many more. All in all, one traffic ticket cannot warrant you to provide proof of auto insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicle. Only persons who have multiple traffic tickets are required to do so.

Filing the SR-22 insurance will not have any points out of your driving record. It will only assist you in getting back your driver’s license after it has been suspended. Different insurance firms follow different protocols when it comes to issuing SR-22 covers.

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