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The Use of Rental Car Reimbursement in Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Rental Reimbursement Cover is a benefit offered by Auto Insurance in New Jersey to cover cost of repairs on a rental vehicle following an accident. However, it is not a mandatory requirement of Auto Insurance in New Jersey but considered as beneficial to every individual who purchases the cover. If you do not have a replacement vehicle to take you through your everyday activities, this cover will come in handy.

There are two provisions when it comes to Rental Reimbursement Coverage. One option is that you can hire a vehicle from a rental company of your choice and pay for it from your own pocket. In this scenario, in order to receive your reimbursement you must present your insurer with all the receipts and forms that entailed the hiring of the vehicle in question. These are required to show proof of the transactions so that you can receive your dollars back. The second option entails you hiring a car from a rental company that is approved by your auto insurer. The approved rental company in return will send the bill directly to your auto insurer instead of being billed yourself.

Car rental reimbursement coverage usually comes with per accident and per day limit. For instance, your rental reimbursement policy may have a $30 daily and $800 per accident. Your Rental Reimbursement Policy will only cover you up to the $800 limit. If you have an accident and the cost exceeds the maximum limit set by your reimbursement policy, you will have to pay for the excess from your own pocket.

Rental Reimbursement Cover enables you to be able to rent a similar vehicle to the one that is undergoing repairs. If in the event that the repairs on the vehicle are expected to take a long time, you may opt to take up a rental vehicle of a lower value so that you can be able to use it for a long time during the repairs. This helps in ensuring that the Rental Reimbursement Cover is not depleted before the repairs on your vehicle are complete. This flexibility of the car rental reimbursement policy is one of the greatest advantages of the coverage. Rental Reimbursement Cover varies with every Auto Insurance in New Jersey plus it is also dependent on the protection level that you choose to take up. An additional advantage to this policy is that it is fairly affordable to the common American.

One major point to keep in mind is that the rental cover provided only applies when you need a rental vehicle following an accident. This cover will not apply if you need to hire a vehicle on a normal situation. It will also not apply if you need to rent a vehicle because your vehicle is undergoing regular repairs, you cannot use the Rental Reimbursement Policy to cover the expense. There are numerous Auto Insurance companies in New Jersey that offer this form of cover. To find them enter your Zip at the start of this page.