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The Use of Rental Car Reimbursement in Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Rental Reimbursement Cover is a benefit offered by Auto Insurance in New Jersey to cover cost of repairs on a rental vehicle following an accident. However, it is not a mandatory requirement of Auto Insurance in New Jersey but considered as beneficial to every individual who purchases the cover. If you do not have a replacement vehicle to take you through your everyday activities, this cover will come in handy.

There are two provisions when it comes to Rental Reimbursement Coverage. One option is that you can hire a vehicle from a rental company of your choice and pay for it from your own pocket. In this scenario, in order to receive your reimbursement you must present your insurer with all the receipts and forms that entailed the hiring of the vehicle in question. These are required to show proof of the transactions so that you can receive your dollars back. The second option entails you hiring a car from a rental company that is approved by your auto insurer. The approved rental company in return will send the bill directly to your auto insurer instead of being billed yourself.

Car rental reimbursement coverage usually comes with per accident and per day limit. For instance, your rental reimbursement policy may have a $30 daily and $800 per accident. Your Rental Reimbursement Policy will only cover you up to the $800 limit. If you have an accident and the cost exceeds the maximum limit set by your reimbursement policy, you will have to pay for the excess from your own pocket.

Rental Reimbursement Cover enables you to be able to rent a similar vehicle to the one that is undergoing repairs. If in the event that the repairs on the vehicle are expected to take a long time, you may opt to take up a rental vehicle of a lower value so that you can be able to use it for a long time during the repairs. This helps in ensuring that the Rental Reimbursement Cover is not depleted before the repairs on your vehicle are complete. This flexibility of the car rental reimbursement policy is one of the greatest advantages of the coverage. Rental Reimbursement Cover varies with every Auto Insurance in New Jersey plus it is also dependent on the protection level that you choose to take up. An additional advantage to this policy is that it is fairly affordable to the common American.

One major point to keep in mind is that the rental cover provided only applies when you need a rental vehicle following an accident. This cover will not apply if you need to hire a vehicle on a normal situation. It will also not apply if you need to rent a vehicle because your vehicle is undergoing regular repairs, you cannot use the Rental Reimbursement Policy to cover the expense. There are numerous Auto Insurance companies in New Jersey that offer this form of cover. To find them enter your Zip at the start of this page.

The Expungement Law and Its Relation To Traffic Violations and Your Car Insurance in NJ

Car Insurance in NJ law concerning Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is said to be a bit lenient as compared to other states. However, this does not mean that it lets intoxicated drivers go unpunished. A DUI arrest in one’s driving history is a very serious offense and will obviously affect your auto insurance premiums for a long time. Driving history is a major issue in all auto insurance companies even in the great state of New Jersey. First of all, you will not be able to access cheap insurance benefits from a clean driving record. With a DUI charge, you will be viewed as a high auto insurance risk. A repeat DUI arrest will only make things worse in that your premiums will increase even further.

Despite all this you can still have the DUI charge removed from our driving record. Here’s introducing the Expungement Law. It is also referred to as the sealing law. It erases or conceals a conviction from an individual’s criminal record. The details of the law vary from state to state while some do not even recognize it. This law can only be applicable to an individual in special circumstances. The most common reason is to be able to pass a background check from a potential employer. This happens mostly if not all employers in all fields of work do background checks of an individual before offering them a job in their companies.

A DUI felony in this aspect can greatly affect your chances of getting a job or even securing a promotion for that matter. This is evident even in fields that do not involve driving as part of the job. When filling out a job application form, there is a question on whether or not you have been convicted of a felony to which you will either answer yes or no. With a good DUI attorney to argue your predicament before the court, your DUI conviction can be expunged from your record and you can easily answer no to the above questions in your job application. Lying on one’s job application is not advisable but in this case, you will not be even if the employer were to check your criminal record, your DUI conviction will not appear.

However, the Expungement law or sealing law does not apply to all cases. A first drunk driving offense is considered by law a prior able offense. This is to say that once your first DUI offense is expunged from your criminal history, a consecutive arrest will be regarded as a second DUI offense. This means that your offence will be treated with all the seriousness that comes with a repeat offender. In short, your initial DUI conviction will come into light in this aspect.

Car Insurance in NJ views all expungements as misdemeanors. The law is different in all states. To find a good DUI attorney to advise you on the Expungement Law, enter your Zip at the beginning of this page.

Required New Jersey Auto Insurance Coverage and Other Add-ons

There are a number of car insurance options that one can choose from in the state of New Jersey. Knowing your way around the industry is the most important thing if you want to get the best New Jersey auto insurance deal available. You need to understand the different types of insurance coverage that there are and the purpose they serve. This will make you decision making process much easier to achieve the auto insurance policy you need.

Here are a few of the insurance coverage you may want to look into:

1) Liability

Liability insurance is a requirement in most of the states and New Jersey is no exception. What liability insurance does is cover the costs or expenses that arise in the event of a car accident in which you are the cause. It covers damages that you may cause to another individual’s property and also bodily injuries that you may cause to another individual in the unfortunate event of a car accident. You are required by law to carry a minimum of $5,000 for damage you may cause to property and $10,000 for bodily injury or harm you may cause for one person per accident. These are the minimum requirements for the basic policy in the state of New Jersey. However, it is advisable to carry more insurance than the minimum required amount because in more serious auto accidents, the minimum required amount is usually not enough.

2) Additional New Jersey car insurance cover

As a precautionary measure, it is in your best interest to look into additional insurance cover to supplement the mandatory minimum required insurance coverage. Some of the additional New Jersey auto insurance options include collision coverage that entails coverage for damages to your automobile in case an accident occurs. Another insurance coverage you might want to look into is comprehensive coverage which covers your car against such events as theft, natural disasters, vandalism, unfavorable weather conditions and so on. It is advisable to consider these insurance coverage especially if you own an expensive car, if you commute in an area with high traffic or if you live and commute in a densely populated area. In contrast, if you live in an area that is sparsely populated places like rural areas and the traffic is not heavy, then you might not need all these insurance coverage. This also applies in case your vehicle is relatively inexpensive.

To be able to get the most reliable car insurance in NJ, you will need to do a thorough research and the best place to start this research is right here. All you have to do is enter you New Jersey zip code in the space provided above and you will find a list of the best car insurance providers in your locality. You will also get a free NJ auto insurance quote.

Questions To Ask before Purchasing New Jersey auto insurance

Most of the New Jersey auto insurance information is easily available on the internet but most clients would want a one on one discussion with an insurance agent for correct facts before they decide on a policy. As a client, there are important questions to keep in mind before meeting up with your preferred agent.

One of the questions to ask yourself before getting a New Jersey auto insurance cover is why you would need insurance. For average clients this question is very important. An insurer is able to lay down facts on why cover is important. An agent will advise on the best policies to get for common occurrences to insure you against and the benefits of doing so in the long run.

Another question to have in mind is how much will the premium cost. Different insurance companies offer different packages and offer different levels of premiums. Is the insurer able to accommodate the payments plans you have in mind? Some are willing to accept monthly payments. However, this may cost the client more on premiums. The type of car you have also determines the amount of premium you pay. If it is an exotic and expensive car, the rates will definitely have to go up.

For what purpose are you buying the car for? If it is a family car, more questions should follow. How many family members do you have? How many will be using the car and need to be covered?

In case a friend or a relative had borrowed my car and got in an accident will I still be covered? Yes, as long as they had permission or reasonable belief to use your car then they are covered under your policy.

What type of events or actions can cause the insurance premiums to rise? This will help you determine on what mishaps to avoid in future. Some potential causes are outside the control of the client. But it’s advisable to gather all facts. Most New Jersey car insurance companies give instances on some of the situations you can try and avoid.

What minimum coverage do you need? Minimum coverage varies in different states. It is advisable to consult your local department of motor vehicles to get more info on the same.

What are the working hours of the insurance company and how efficient are they in case of an emergency? You will feel more at ease to know that a company works round the clock and in case of emergency, it can easily be sorted out. Most companies have 24 hour customer care services. That means you can call any moment and report the incident. Is the company professional on how they handle their client? This tells much on how effective they are in handling their matters.

It is easy to get confused with so much information on the internet on auto insurance in New Jersey. Other than agents you can also get more on the same by talking to friends, relatives and from leaflets from different companies before you come to a conclusion. Enter your zip above for more information.

Questions That Must Be Asked Before Purchasing Auto Insurance Collision Coverage in New Jersey

Physical damage covered under Auto Insurance in New Jersey comes in two categories. These are the collision and comprehensive coverage. These two forms of cover are similar as these come into play when your vehicle is damaged from an accident. The difference is that Comprehensive policy covers damages to the vehicle that are not as a result of an accident with another vehicle like fire, vandalism and extreme weather. On the other hand, Collision coverage provides cover for damage on a vehicle resulting from an accident with other vehicles, property or bad roads.

This thin line between these two forms of Auto Insurance in New Jersey covers sometimes causes confusion to potential clients. You may require the services of one form of cover and end up purchasing the other one. The problem is most individuals only end up discovering this when the time comes when the services of the cover are required. To avoid being trapped in such a scenario, make sure to have your insurance agent, broker or customer service personnel explain in detail the difference between the two covers. Two major questions usually arise when inquiring on Collision Coverage. These are:

•             How much will it cost to repair the vehicle?

•             In the event that the vehicle is totaled in an accident, how much will it cost to replace it?

These are the questions that you should ask your auto insurance agent before signing a contract for collision cover. Collision coverage in New Jersey is usually purchased according to the value of the vehicle.  This means that the collision coverage for the repair or replacement of your vehicle is not exactly what you used to purchase. It is the current market value considered in factors like depreciation, current condition and age of the vehicle. These same factors are also used to determine whether you require taking up Collision Coverage and also the rate of the premiums you will be required to pay.

Factors that determine whether or not you should take up Collision Coverage are heavily dependent on the ownership. If you have purchased a vehicle on loan or have leased a vehicle from a company, you will most likely be required to take up this coverage. This is so that the company which you have leased the vehicle or loaned from can cover themselves. On the other hand, if the vehicle is fully yours in that you have completed all the mandatory payments, taking up a Collision Cover is your own prerogative. In this instance you must put into consideration the condition of the vehicle and is value. If the vehicle is new, the value to repair it will be high. If the vehicle is old, the cost to repair it will be low. To get more information on Collision Coverage and comprehensive coverage, enter your Zip at the start of the page.

How Hiring DUI Attorney Can Help You for Your Auto insurance Penalties for a Third Time Offense in New Jersey

In General, the United States has a set of penalties concerning repeat offenders. Granted that every state within its own right to see how fit to deal with repeat offenders, the state laws are clear that such matters will not be taken lightly. A DUI conviction in Auto Insurance in New Jersey is a serious felony. Many people have lost their lives or have been grievously maimed resulting from either being a victim or perpetrator of DWI or DUI. Once arrested on a DUI charge, it is best if you can consult a DUI attorney who can advise you on your legal rights and how to go about the judicial system.  The laws on DUI arrests are different in each state and also vary depending on the case. This means that while your offence may be viewed as a third offense, the last word rests with the judge who may give you a maximum sentence or may choose to substitute your incarceration with house arrest.

AutoInsuranceInNewJerseyIn order to increase your chances of getting a lenient sentence on your DUI arrest, it is best to seek help from a qualified DUI attorney who can best argue your third DUI arrest. However, this is not possible with all DUI arrests. The judge can only grant leniency in circumstances that were unclear or have a morsel of reasonable doubt. As an alternative to incarceration, the judge may require you to install an Ignition Interlocking Device on your vehicle or take up a hardship license. The ignition interlocking device is put in place so as to make sure that you are never going to drive with a blood alcohol level that is above the limit set by the state. An interesting fact is that, a third DUI offense could be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the laws of your state.

A third DUI conviction as concerns Auto Insurance in New Jersey; you may be sentenced to any or all of five options. These options are either fines or penalties, attending counseling sessions, license suspension, and community service or in some cases you may face incarceration. Each of these options is dependent on the gravity of the offence, and the effectiveness of your DUI attorney or the leniency of the presiding judge.  All said and done you will never evade a third DUI conviction with a slap on the wrist or a warning as compared to a first time offender.  Being arrested three times for the same offence says something about the individual; that he or she needs help because the individual may most likely be struggling with drugs and alcohol.

The internet is filled with information on how to deal with persons dealing with drug related issues and also DUI attorneys who can assist you in the event that you are arrested on a DUI. We are however not advocating for you driving under the influence just because there is a way out. Enter your Zip information in the space provided at the start of this page for more on this.

How DUI Laws Affect Your Auto Insurance in New Jersey

DUI related accidents have been a thorn in the flesh of Auto Insurance in New Jersey for many decades. As a result, numerous organizations have come up to educate the masses on the dangers of this particular vice. Many residents of New Jersey have been affected either directly or indirectly by drunk driving. Many have lost their loved ones or have had permanent physical and psychological injuries as a result of DUIs.

cheapcarinsuranceinNewJerseyFor these reasons, Auto Insurance in New Jersey has come up with a way of discouraging drunk driving. The oldest and most common way for it is by increasing the premium rates for convicted offenders. Once you are found guilty of Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or any drug, your auto insurer automatically considers you a high insurance risk. With insurance companies in all fields, the higher the risk the higher the premiums. It then goes without saying that if you were a normal customer and got convicted of a DUI, your auto insurance premiums will be affected. This form of adding a financial penalty to convicted offenders is one way Auto Insurance in New Jersey chooses to fight against this vice. The same principle is applied by most auto insurance firms across the United States.

Auto Insurance in New Jersey has been receiving a considerable amount of help from private organizations in the fight against intoxicated driving. These private organizations have not only been making their impact in New Jersey but also in all other states in the US. One renowned organization is the Mothers Against Drunk Driving; or as it is popularly known MADD. This organization which began in the 1980s’ has been advocating for stiffer penalties for DUI offenders as well as advising the populace on the perils that come with it. Numerous developments have resulted out of this relentless campaign by this selfless organization. Stiffer penalties have been imposed on DUI offenders as well as the introduction of technology as a way of restricting drunk drivers from going on the road. The penalties and fees imposed by law as a result of their campaign have made having a DUI charge a very costly affair. Repeat offenders often take up to 3 years to pay up for the fines that the court has levied against them on conviction. Also many drug related programs have been established to help offenders who have been found to have a drug problem; which in this case is drug addiction.

As a result of all this, Auto Insurance in New Jersey has benefitted from the reduced DUI related accidents in the recent years. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the arrest, the offender can either be required to pay a fine or serve a jail term if the circumstances were serious. More of this information on the cost of DUIs as far as Auto Insurance in New Jersey is concerned, enter your Zip at the beginning of the page and we will make sure you get the right information.

Filing an SR-22 with New Jersey Car Insurance for Retrieving Driver’s License

All drivers are required by New Jersey Car Insurance to at least maintain minimum liability cover in order to drive on the roads of the state. These requirements are put in place to safeguard both the drivers of the vehicles as well as other road users and pedestrians in the event of an accident. Accidents can cause bodily injuries to people as well as damage to property so the law is put in place in order to cover such mishaps.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) all over the United States is charged with the responsibility of dealing with persons convicted with drunken driving and other traffic violations. The most common course of action taken by the Department of Motor Vehicles is suspension of one’s driver’s license. The length of the suspension is obviously dependent on the gravity of the traffic offense. The DMV will require you to pay a substantial fee in order to reinstate your driver’s license if you really need to drive in order to make a living. For this, you will be required to take up an SR-22 cover as a prerequisite to reinstating your driver’s license and car registration. The SR-22 insurance cover guarantees the Department of Motor Vehicles that you have sufficient cover for your vehicle for the specified period of time to which your driver’s license suspension will last. The SR-22 insurance premiums must be settled on time. Otherwise, your license may also be suspended and this could be for a longer period than the initial suspension.

With the economic meltdown being experienced worldwide since 2009, more and more drivers are going without auto insurance. Driving devoid of New Jersey Car Insurance is illegal. This means that there has been a rise in issuance of traffic tickets to such individuals. This is because traffic officers randomly stop vehicles to check for proof of auto insurance. During these checks many drivers are issued tickets due to the lack of auto insurance. Other traffic violations that can make you get traffic tickets are; car accidents, going past a red light or stop sign, overtaking a school bus with its stop sign extended, over speeding and many more. All in all, one traffic ticket cannot warrant you to provide proof of auto insurance to the Department of Motor Vehicle. Only persons who have multiple traffic tickets are required to do so.

Filing the SR-22 insurance will not have any points out of your driving record. It will only assist you in getting back your driver’s license after it has been suspended. Different insurance firms follow different protocols when it comes to issuing SR-22 covers.

In order to get the correct information surrounding issuance of SR-22 cover, enter your Zip code at the beginning of the page.

Car Insurance Penalties and Fees Concerning DUIs in New Jersey

All crimes however big or small come at a price. Once you are arrested on a DUI, Car Insurance in NJ dictates that you must face some fines and penalties. Each state has different fines compared to the gravity of the offence as concerns DUI.  There are a number of factors that come into question when determining the amount of fines or fees that one is supposed to pay. The nature of the DUI arrest is coupled with the number of arrests that the individual has in their file. In essence, you will pay fewer fines for a first DUI offence than a second one. The more the DUI offences you have in your driving history the more fines that you will pay if you have a consecutive offence.

There is a breakdown of fees that are accumulated to result in a DUI penalty if arrested.  You may be lucky to be pardoned by the courts and only have to pay your court legal fees. Getting such a chance is slim since DUI is a serious offence. However, once convicted you may need to pay for the following:

* A hardship driving permit for those who have to drive in order to make a living.

* Fees for restoration of a suspended drivers license.

* Cost of installation of the Ignition Interlocking System.

* Court ordered counseling and substance abuse programs.

* Legal Fees such as for a DUI attorney to help through the court process.

* Additional Car insurance premiums in NJ and surcharges.

These fees are the basics of what you will need to pay after a simple DUI charge. If the DUI offence resulted in serious bodily injury or death to someone else, the penalties may range from one year to life imprisonment.  The court fees that may amount from a DUI according to Car Insurance in NJ will be around $250 – $1,000. However, these are only court fees since the actual amount will most likely be more than what is mentioned herein.

New Jersey has one for the lowest court fees in the United States. Charges for other states like Illinois and Massachusetts that have a maximum of $25,000 and $50,000 respectively. These are among the most expensive states to have a DUI conviction in. With all these charges involved as a result of having a DUI conviction, it’s suffice to say that you will be on the more financially sound side by avoiding getting convicted in the first place. Many people seem to ignore this fact until they find themselves convicted of this offence.

To avoid getting yourself into penalties that can easily put you in dire financial strains’, enter your zip at the beginning of the page and stay informed.

Advantages of Direct Buying of Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Nowadays, accessing Auto Insurance in New Jersey has become very simple especially with the advent of online business. There are numerous companies that have websites that make it easy for potential clients to access auto insurance quotes to know what they can purchase from the insurer.

NewJerseyAutoInsurancePurchasing auto insurance directly means that you will not buy your cover from an insurance agent or broker but directly from the auto insurance company. Most New Jersey auto insurance companies usually sell their policies through agents and brokers to maximize their client base and sales. There are plenty of companies that sell auto insurance directly with bigger chances of passing them within your area.

Buying Auto Insurance in New Jersey directly has some few advantages over buying indirectly via agents and brokers. One advantage is that you can drop by the offices during your daily activities to inquire on your auto insurance status and even update or purchase a new policy. You will also get direct advice from the customer service personnel that can give you in depth details on their policies, benefits, terms and conditions of their services. You can also use their website to file claims and or update your policies at the comfort of your own home or office. With this, you have more options than having an individual who only deals with a specific auto insurance agent. You will have direct snail mail, email and telephone access with your insurer.

Another major advantage is that you will have round the clock assistance when dealing directly with your auto insurer. This is something not common with auto insurance agents. Most auto insurance agents in New Jersey usually maintain conventional working hours which can be an issue when you want to inquire or need assistance on your auto insurance status during non working hours. Dealing with your auto insurer directly ensures that there are always personnel on call to deal with all your auto insurance needs at all times.

Dealing directly with the insurance company ensures that there are no delays when it comes to your paperwork unlike dealing with an agent or broker. This is very essential especially to processing claims or refunds for services like towing and the like. Dealing with auto Insurance in New Jersey directly ensures that you get the most competitive rates and discounts available. This is because you are dealing with them directly and not with an agent who wants to maximize on his / her commission from selling you a certain policy. You can as well view a full list of all the available offers, discounts and benefits offered by the insurer directly from the company’s website instead of getting second hand information from the auto insurer’s agents or brokers. To communicate with your auto insurance provider directly, enter your Zip at the space provided at the top of this page.