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The Important Stuffs about New Jersey Car Insurance Law

New Jersey is known for many things and for some for its strict enforcement of its car insurance laws. New Jersey auto insurance laws are specific for New Jersey and are much different from the parallel laws in other states. The important thing to remember is not to drive without the minimum required insurance or with suspended, cancelled, or revoked tag. Each of the vehicle owners and lessees in New Jersey are obligated to possess continuous car liability insurance policy on their vehicle/vehicles in order to:

–              Replace, renew, or transfer their current New Jersey license tags (plates).

–              To register and possess New Jersey license tags (plates).

–              Legally drive their vehicles in the state of New Jersey.

According to New Jersey auto insurance laws every driver on its roads needs to possess insurance policy that covers $25.000 for bodily injury, $50.000 for bodily injury, per accident is there are two or more people involved, and at least $50.000 per accident in case of property damages. Unfortunately, in many cases these insurance requirements are far from enough for many serious accidents.

Rental auto insurance requirements: The state of New Jersey requires every car on its roads and highways to possess at least the minimum car insurance coverage. Rent-a-cars as such are no exceptions. In case you are staying in the state of New Jersey and you rent a car for whatever purpose the rental company is obligated by law to provide you with insurance policy. If the insurance policy that you possess or your credit card is not enough to cover auto insurance for rentals, than you need to purchase liability car insurance from the car rental service.

In case you allow your auto insurance to lapse, you risk to be fined by the authorities. According to New Jersey insurance laws, “laps” is defined as ten or more days without insurance coverage. The fine for that is $25 along with additional $60 for reinstatement to renew your license tags. For second offence, the fee will increase, by the third offense the reinstatement feel will raise to $160. If you keep on ignoring your insurance, renewal if caught you can and will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Another very important thing to remember about the auto insurance in this state is that it follows a tort system. Tort system means that the state does not require from its motorists to have underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, nor PIP (personal injury protection). Regardless of that, many motorists in the state of New Jersey possess some of these insurances. The thing with the tort system is that if the other involved party in the accident is a motorist without any insurance coverage, your insurance covers the damages, or injuries regardless whose fault is.

Even though that the tort system is not the most perfect insurance system in the world it`s still in power in New Jersey. Many motorists know that, have sense for that, and buy some type of insurance coverage. Regardless if you are, a motorist or a car driver, the best way to obtain auto insurance is by getting quotes from as much as possible insurance companies. You can do that now if you just enter your zip code above on this page and wait for a while. Once you find your lowest quote, you can buy your insurance policy and make sure that you abide all auto insurance laws in New Jersey.

Top Four Must Known Things about New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws

New Jersey is known for many things from which the historical heritage and their hospitality stand out the most. The drivers in the state of New Jersey, as other drivers in other states, must follow its auto insurance requirements and laws to have the privilege to operate a motor vehicle. Even though that many insurance laws in New Jersey are pretty much the same to insurance laws in other states, they have few specifics that are characteristic for this state.

Minimum Coverage

According to the New Jersey auto insurance laws, all drivers need to carry their accident liability insurance policy in their vehicle in any given moment. Their insurance policy must be according the New Jersey standards and to carry at least $25.000 per person for injuries sustained in an accident cause by the insurer, $50.000 for bodily injuries of two or more people and $25.000 for property damage. The common term used to refer to these minimum requirements is 25/50/25. However, one needs to know that these requirements are designed only for protecting other parties in an accident cause by the insurer. That is the only goal and this coverage does not help for damages to the insurer’s vehicle, property, or person in case of some sort of vehicle accident.


The tort system is how New Jersey deals with traffic accidents. According to the NJ tort law system, one party is always guilty in an accident. Because of that, New Jersey motorists are not obligated to possess personal injury insurance or to have under-insured/uninsured motorist protection. Hypothetically, if you are involved in an accident, you possess the minimum required insurance coverage and the other involved party is uninsured motorists. The tort law says one of the parties needs to be “at fault” for the accident. In case it is your fault, your insurance will cover the other party’s damage. On the other hand, if the other party, that is the uninsured motorist is at fault, you are not entitle to any money compensation from him. Might sound unfair but that is how the law functions and it works as such for a long time.


One needs to be fully aware that New Jersey has heavy penalties for drivers caught behind the wheel without proper auto insurance policy. The law is clear and strict when it comes to penalizing drivers without insurance – every driver that drives uninsured risks 60 to 90 days suspension of his driver’s license. In order to register your vehicle in the State of New Jersey you need to provide written proof of insurance. In addition, if a driver without insurance policy is pulled his vehicle can be towed. In addition to that, the driver risks several more fines if caught driving without it.


The State of New Jersey offers few exceptions to its insurance laws. Here are the exemptions

–              Salvaged or junked vehicles or vehicles with an expired lease

–              Vehicles used seasonally or for agricultural purposes such as farming equipment

–              Repossessed vehicles or vehicles that have been stolen

–              Motorists are not required to insure inoperable vehicles

Even though that this knowledge gives you a glimpse in how the auto insurance in New Jersey system works it won’t help you much in terms getting the best rates. However, one little thing surely can.

Simply enter your zip on the top of this page and get quotes from the cheapest insurance providers. Combine our free quote system with your knowledge in auto insurance laws in New Jersey and you will never overpay your insurance policy.

What Nobody Tells you about New Jersey Auto Insurance Laws

New Jersey car insurance laws are one of the strictest and at the same time strangest laws in the United States. Not knowing them can cost you from you heard earn dollars. However, if you are familiar with what the insurance law requires from every driver in the state of New Jersey you`ll probably be all right. Here follow an overview on some of the things about auto insurance laws in this great state that nobody has told you about before unless they are imposed to you.

The Tort System

New Jersey is one of the few states that follow this system when it comes to traffic accidents. This system was and still is a subject of many debates, but regardless it is still in force. Here is what it is about. The law in New Jersey says that for every traffic accident someone needs to be at fault. There is no problem up to this point, and it makes perfect sense. However, there is one law that says that motorists in New Jersey are not required to own an insurance policy. In case you as a driver are involved in an accident with a motorist that does not own any insurance policy, your policy will cover all the damage regardless whose fault it is.

More Exceptions

Another way to pay for someone’s mistakes is if you are involved in an accident with vehicles that are allowed on the roads and at the same time as with motorcycles are not covered by insurance policies. Vehicles used seasonally for agricultural purposes do not need to be covered with an insurance policy. However, that does not mean that accidents with those vehicles do not happen. On the contrary, there happen and as with motorcycles their insurances cover the cost regardless whose fault is it. Once again the car driver`s insurance policy covers the damage caused in the accident.

The Alternatives

The alternative to purchasing car insurance policy is to secure a bank deposit or a bond that can guarantee that you have the minimum coverage (injury and property damage coverage minimum) $100.000. If you want to go down that road, you need to address the New Jersey Insurance and safety fire commissioner for that matter.


This is often used to describe the minimum requirements for auto insurance for the state of New Jersey. 25/50/25 has the following meaning:

–              The policy must be able to cover at least $25.000 per person, per accident.

–              The policy must be able to cover at least $50.000 per accident if two or more people are hurt in the accident.

–              The policy must be able to produce at least $25.000 for property damages.

*This is under the assumption that the insurer is at fault for the accident.

In case if you are involved in an accident in which the other party does not possess any insurance (motorcycle or agricultural vehicle) you are not entitle to any money compensation.

Even though that this sounds bit unreal and unfair those are the car insurance laws which are in force for now. The only thing that one can do is to make sure that he is not overpaying on his insurance rates.

The best way to make sure you do not do that is to enter your zip above and check out some of the offered quotes. You might not be able to change car insurance laws in New Jersey, but you can definitely change your insurance rates.

Things You Can Do To Find the Best Car Insurance Company in New Jersey

The auto insurance is very much required now for very car owner and driver as soon as the purchase of the vehicle was done. There are many crashes and accidents happening nowadays. It is also known to all that getting the insurance is not a child’s play. There are many procedures and the formalities which have to follow to get the right auto insurance for your vehicle. All the states have their own rules and formalities. Hence, it may take time to get the auto insurance but could be one of the best things you can get for your vehicle.

The laws are not same in all the states. New Jersey also has some different laws defined for the auto insurance buyers. There are some strict laws framed for the insurers in New Jersey. The insurers need to be sure about the rules of the insurance laws. It is also important to pass through all the regulations and phases without any mistake. They need to make sure that they are aware about all the rules related to the auto insurance and also about the vehicles for which they are getting the insurance.

There can be numbers of the companies in and around New Jersey that offer the auto insurance. Though their working style may be different, the auto insurance laws remain the same for all the companies in a state. Keep in mind that the companies are following the same rules is framed by the state and not their own laws. Thus you may depend on the company completely for the insurance of your vehicle. A reliable source will allow you to know better about the auto insurance laws. Finding a reliable and stable auto insurance company may be difficult because there are many but once you find them your job will be absolutely become easy.

As soon as the insurance company is found, the next thing you need to find is the quote for that company. Quotes are the best way to know the operation and the cost of an auto insurance company.  The auto insurance quotes can be collected regarding various companies and can be used to get the best affordable insurance company for your vehicle. This will take time but will be the best option to find one of the best companies in your area. One of the things that have to be done before getting the auto insurance quote is entering the zip code. The zip code will allow you to get the auto insurance quotes for the companies available in your own area. This is one of the best ways to find the insurance company in the New Jersey.

The customer will have to follow some of the basic instructions. They will have to submit all their professional and personal details. Moreover, some of the details will be verified to obtain the auto insurance.

Purchasing Car Insurance New Jersey through Auto Insurance Quotes

The insurance of a car in New Jersey is very useful programs for people and they are also obtaining benefits from these programs in their lives. The insurance programs are very easy to use and are designed with auto insurance laws that are linked with customers in a direct way. Customers should prepare themselves to know these rules before joining these programs will be very useful and operational for those who mostly needed it. Some important things regarding insurance programs should be considered essential since through these people can achieve its basic goals. In this situation, people should understand the process of purchasing insurances linked with the usage of modern and up to date technologies.

There are various companies offering insurance programs but these do not work on an equal perception. The small differences exist in these programs which serves helpful in terms of understanding the policy of every insurance company. This situation is same for insurance companies with various conditions and situations mentioned in the purchasing process. Auto insurance is New Jersey can be purchased successfully if there is enough knowledge of all the requirements that necessary. The two most important things are the specific code being and information about the purchaser being asked. The specific code is known as zip code linked with the state. This code is entered by the customer for purchasing the insurance program. The customer is also responsible to compare the auto insurance quotes of different companies that can be seen after entering the zip code.

The customer should compare properly these auto insurance quotes and take the final decision with proper care and attention. The second important thing is linked with the information of customers. This information is provided by customer to that company selected by the customer to purchase the insurance offer. At this information, the name of customer, age, profession, address and some other things are asked for maintenance of record of the company. This information is also necessary because the claiming procedure is also based on this information. Due to the importance of this step, the customer should be careful in the whole procedure for it to be a success to gain all advantages of these insurance programs can offer.

Claiming Procedures According to Auto Insurance Law in New Jersey

The insurance program is linked with purchasing and claiming. Both occasions have some specific rules which should be followed with proper knowledge and directions.

Insurance is very operational and its functional matter very important for human beings. This importance can be understood in those situations which are not common in general. The insurance is purchased for getting support in some emergencies. This support is very useful and available in various conditions. The support which is offered by insurance companies is linked with financial field. Those people who are interested in purchasing the insurance programs should take proper attention in auto insurance law which is linked with insurance business and plans. A company that is presenting some insurance plans is also presenting some directions and regulations. This situation is recognizable with the example of car insurance in New Jersey State offered by insurance companies based on the acceptance terms adjusted for customers. This way of purchasing is equal in all states of USA and its insurance companies.

The acceptance and reception of these terms are very important for companies and customers. The link of these terms is certain with the claiming insurance procedure. In claiming procedure the customers and the company are both are responsible to follow these terms and requirements of car insurance in New Jersey. These terms can support any party because these terms are prepared according to conditions of accidents and other unpredicted moments. Therefore the customers should use proper efforts to understand these terms. With this effort, he can gain success in the claiming procedure due to having complete knowledge of these things. The auto insurance law in New Jersey is related to all those issues that can be faced in this business or deal. The starting of this deal is linked to purchasing of insurance programs. The purchasing is started with presentation of zip code of the state. After this presentation, the customer is free to choose any company for purchasing insurance package. This choice is linked with all those things that are mentioned in the above lines.

The selection of an insurance company is a very crucial step that should be performed with proper care and caution. The support of any lawyer is the last option for those customers which have not enough knowledge of these regulations and procedures. The purchasing of car insurance in New Jersey is very simple that can be performed in a few minutes by entering the zip code. The selection of a proper company is important steps that can be completed with observance of reputation of insurance companies in business and market. There are various sources for the customer in these procedures which can be used but the use of these sources should be proper and results oriented. Comparing the companies will surely let you see which one is the best at providing policies in your area.

Car Insurance Programs in New Jersey and Getting Online Quotes

Car insurance in a very useful program for residence in New Jersey and these people are also enjoying benefits from these programs. These are easy to use programs for the people of New Jersey designed with rules and regulations linked directly to customers. Customers should know the auto insurance laws before joining these programs. They are very useful and operational according to the customers’ needs. Some things are very important when it comes to auto insurance program in New Jersey because through these things people can achieve its basic goals. People should understand the process of purchasing insurances linked with the usage of modern and up to date technologies nowadays.


There are various companies which are offering insurance programs but not all of these companies are working on an equal and same perception. Small differences do exist in these programs which are very helpful when understanding the policies of each insurance company. Nowadays, there are clever and successful people who know how to benefit from others. The same goes for insurance companies who are offering insurance programs but with various conditions and situations mentioned in the purchasing process. Auto insurance can be purchased with successfully having knowledge of all those requirements that are essential and necessary in purchasing car insurance in New Jersey. Two important things to consider in this procedure are the specific code and information about the purchaser of insurance program. The specific code is known as zip code that is linked with the state. The customer is responsible for comparing the auto insurance quotes of different companies that can be obtained after entering the zip code.

The customer should properly compare the auto insurance quotes of all the companies before making the final decision. The next important thing is the personal information of customer provided to the company. The information involving the name of customer, age, profession, address and other particular details are requested for record purposes by the said company. This information is necessary for claiming procedures. Due to its importance the customer should take due care in providing all the information accurately. These are important steps the customers should take to gain all the benefits of these insurance programs which otherwise will be very difficult. Being efficient and quick is very essential to gain a reputation in the insurance business.

Top Factors That Affects the Decision on What NJ Auto Insurance You Are Qualified For

Auto insurance in the state of New Jersey has continued to be mandatory. Every individual is expected to have an auto insurance policy for having long one has a car which is driving on the roads of New Jersey. According to the authorities in the state of New Jersey, every car owner is expected to have at least a basic auto insurance policy. Although the basic auto insurance policy offers a form of protection to you and your car, it is not a full auto insurance policy. If you feel that you can afford a higher auto insurance policy, you can upgrade to the standard auto insurance policy.  There are now auto insurance quotes you can get online that will serve helpful to you.

Before any insurance company can consider you for an auto insurance policy, they take into account the safety factors. This is usually by assessing your car safety score. This is the score that describes the safety that is associated with your car. It includes taking into account the number of accidents or insurance claims that a particular driver has been associated with in the recent past. The car accidents or insurance claims are usually spread across seven categories that are provided by the highway loss data insurance which is shortened as HLDI. The HLDI reports are kept in a secure database and be accessed when the need arises.

When the score card is compared against dozens of cars against a certain particular average value, it is possible to determine a car’s safety status when it comes to being involved in an accident. This is particularly because the average value depicts a car’s performance when it comes to expenditure on collision and other expenses that come with an accident such as medical and property damage expenses. If your score against this average value is too high, then you are likely to pay more for your auto insurance policy. Most auto insurance policy providers within the state of New Jersey are very serious about this score and they use it to determine the rates to charge a particular car owner.

How does the car score value work? This is the score that car insurance providers use to determine the rates to give to a particular car owner. In most cases, the 100 score depicts the average score for all motor all motor vehicles. Any score that is higher than the average value is considered as being very bad. It is sometimes hard to get an auto insurance policy if the car score ranges above the average score of 100. On the other hand, an average car score which is less than the average value of 100 is considered as being a very good value. All individuals whose car score is less than the average value are considered as being very safe drivers. It is very easy to get an auto insurance policy if your score is less than the average score of 100. Some cars may not have sufficient information that can be used to compile the required car score. In this case the auto insurance policy provider involved will have to consider another method to come up with a reliable set of rates for the car owner.

If you have been wondering why women pay less for their auto insurance policies, then you have to stop wondering today. Women usually score less than the average value of the car score. This is the reason why most females fall within the category of very safe drivers. As a result, most of the auto insurance policy providers will not have any issues with providing auto insurance policies to females.

Since you fully understand the average car score and its interpretation, you obviously fully understand the need to ensure that you drive as carefully as possible on the road. Take your time to drive in conformity to the road safety rules that have been put in place by the state. If you happen to forget any car rules, do not forget to do a quick revision so that you will not easily commit an offense while driving on the roads within the state of New Jersey. One thing that you should always carry with you when you are driving on the roads of New Jersey is the New Jersey certificate of insurance. As indicated above, it is not allowed to drive without any auto insurance policy that is recognized by the authorities in the state of New Jersey. Therefore, you have to ensure that you have a certificate of auto insurance from the auto insurance policy provider that sold the policy to you. In most cases, you will be expected to issue out the certificate to the authorities at checkpoints, when you have been made to stop upon is violating a particular traffic rule or after you have been stopped for a car inspection.

If you want to be a very safe driver and to eventually end up with a fairly low average car score value, you may have to do away with drinking beer while driving.  When you drink and drive, you are likely to be involved in an accident. As a result, the auto insurance policy providers may not easily sell you their auto insurance policy. In addition, you are likely to score higher than the average car score value and this will have a negative impact on the evaluation of rates by the auto insurance provider.

It is not only the average cars score that you have to worry about, but also the auto insurance laws and DUI laws within the state of New Jersey. There are very stiff penalties if you have been found with any form of intoxication that can render you crippled in as far as driving is concerned. There are laws that prohibit a driver from driving with a certain amount of alcohol in the blood stream. Using a breathalyzer, authorities can ascertain someone’s state of drunkenness. A lot of penalties usually accompany a road traffic offense that is committed when a person is drunk. So it is important to get the tips on using the insurance.

Know more information about auto insurance in New Jersey by entering the zip code. In addition to that, be able to get the best and cheapest car insurance in NJ through comparing auto insurance quotes from different insurance providers.

Reasons Why New Jersey Auto Insurance for Teenagers is Expensive

If you wish to make a purchase of an auto insurance policy for a teenager, you have to be very prepared to bear the costs. Auto insurance in New Jersey that is customized for teenagers is very expensive. According to the current statistics, the state of New Jersey has become one of the most expensive states when it comes to auto insurance for teenagers. But why is the state of New Jersey full of insurance companies which offer very expensive auto insurance?

Teenagers are one of the most reckless drivers this planet has ever seen. Most of them will be driving cars in order to show off to their friends or to chase after their foes. This has contributed to a rise in the number of accidents that are caused within the state. The insurance company will take into account the level of experience of the teenager as well as the number of accidents he or she has been involved with since he started driving. Although the teenager is driving for the first time, the insurance company involved will still generate a set of very expensive NJ car insurance quotes. Sometimes teenagers driving for the first time may be subjected to higher rates because of the lack of experience, particularly because the insurance company involved cannot ascertain the safety associated with the teenager’s driving.

Auto insurance in New Jersey has continued to be a mandatory policy. Every car owner who drives on the roads within the state of New Jersey is expected to have an auto insurance policy of some sort.

Drinking habits have also played a huge role in seeing the rates of auto insurance policies for teenagers go up. Many teenagers in the state of New Jersey are consuming alcohol from an age which is as low as 16! Alarming statistics such as these have been responsible for causing the rates for auto insurance policies in the state of New Jersey to surge sharply. The statistics of teenagers who are abusing alcohol have also risen significantly. All these factors combined together make auto insurance policies within the state of New Jersey to be very expensive.

But, you can easily search for a reliable NJ auto insurance company who can offer you very cheap quotes. In the past, the number of institutions who are providing car crash reports has increased. Some insurance companies within the state of New Jersey are making use of the crash reports when generating the quotes. In order to ensure that you get a much cheaper quote, as a teenager do not rush after cars whose crash reports are very bad. A bad crush report means that a particular car is more likely to suffer extensive damage when that car has been involved in an accident. If you are a parent, ensure that you choose a very safe car for your child.

In general, auto insurance policies for teenagers are very expensive. You should be prepared to pay very high rates after you have insured a teenager is car. Nonetheless, making use of the tips can prove to be very useful in trimming off some costs.

New NJ Car Insurance Companies versus the Well-established Car Insurance Companies

The fact that auto insurance has become rather expensive cannot be overemphasized. In most cases car owners are either ignorant on how to locate the cheapest NJ Car insurance provider or they have not thought of a cheaper auto insurance policy provider. Well, the truth is that you have spent too much time wallowing in oppressive auto insurance quotes; it is now the right time you switched to an auto insurance company that cares for you. To start with, you must make a bold step of saying, “you have had enough,” and then you can proceed to getting another auto insurance policy from another company. When you visit the official website of the New Jersey auto insurance company, you will come across an online tool for comparing quotes within your locality.

The fact that auto insurance has become rather expensive cannot be overemphasized. In most cases car owners are either ignorant on how to locate the cheapest auto insurance provider or they have not thought of a cheaper auto insurance policy provider.

However, before you can proceed to using the tool it is pertinent for you to fully understand what makes a good auto insurance company. Any auto insurance policy provider which has been established for many years is definitely a good one. In short, you are strongly advised to go for auto insurance companies that have been established for some time. This is particularly because you are more likely to receive reliable and efficient services. In addition, you are also likely to receive highly competitive insurance quotes. A well-established auto insurance company is also likely to have a better coverage compared to newbie. Nonetheless, you can also give newbie a try in an event when the well-established auto insurance company fails.

Sometimes you may have to resort to signing up for an auto insurance policy with a newbie. This is where you need to be very careful. Although this might actually be a good idea, it may not just work out well for you. If you want to go for newly-established auto insurance provider, it is best that you find out the credentials of the people manning the company. In that way, you can be sure that you are dealing with the right people. After experiencing the newly-established auto insurance company, you can either decide to stay or simply move on to a new one. Trying out newbie may not actually be a bad idea; it is a means of assessing their auto insurance services. If they fit your desires, then you can make a long term relationship.

As a matter of fact, most newly-established auto insurance companies are brought to the foe by individuals who themselves were part of well-established auto insurance firms. With this, they also have the experience that is required of them to provide reliable and efficient auto insurance policies. In addition, they also possess the knowledge on the frailties that were associated with the firms that they used to work for in the past. Apart from experienced managers, the quotes also matter if these are the cheaper one or not. If the newbie are offering cheaper quotes, then it may be best to join them as opposed to standing by well-established auto insurance firms with very high quotes.

Every client wishes to find an auto insurance service provider that can offer cheaper auto insurance quotes. It is all about saving enough. However, you have to search for a reliable auto insurance policy provider which is both cheap and efficient in its operations. If you deal with an auto insurance policy provider which is renowned for being cheap but has poor services, then you definitely have to avoid this kind of insurance companies. There is definitely no way you can settle for cheap insurance policies at the expense of reliability and efficiency. Even if saving is important, going for a cheap but unreliable auto insurance provider should never be one of your choices.

Is there any insurance company that has both cheap auto insurance policy quotes and reliable services in the state of New Jersey?  There is only one insurance company that knows it all; the New Jersey insurance company. This is the only insurance company that will give you a taste of efficiency and reliability along with cheap quotes. How many benefits can you reap from signing up for an auto insurance policy with the New Jersey insurance company? There are multiple benefits that can come with signing up for an auto insurance policy with the New Jersey insurance company. To start with, you will be dealing with people who have immense experience in the industry. Therefore, you can expect to receive high quality services. In addition to the experience, they have very cheap quotes. Once you make a purchase of their auto insurance policy, you will not only save a lot of money but you will also receive high quality insurance services.

Some people may think that it is a share waste of time to search for the cheapest auto insurance policy provider within their area. This is particularly because it is not easy to actually search for the cheapest auto insurance policy provider. The whole process is rather tedious and almost impossible. However, the official website belonging to the New Jersey insurance company has made it very easy for clients from various locations to compare quotes. All you have to do is to enter the zip code of your location, and you will be able to compare the quotes within your locality.

In short, the time for searching for the cheapest auto insurance policy providers come. Instead of searching for the cheapest auto insurance provider, all you have to do is compare the quotes and you will be able to make a wise choice on your own. There is little doubt that after making a comparison you will choose the NJ Car insurance company. Ask the other clients about their experience with the New Jersey insurance company and they will tell you that it is the best insurance company. If you have not yet chosen an auto insurance policy provider, do not hesitate to purchase the policy from the New Jersey insurance company.