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Five Things That are Not Related to Driving and Influence Insurance Premiums in New Jersey

No one said that auto premiums are fair. Some things affect your premiums and yet are not in any way connected to your performance on the road.

Just because you are a great driver, with the perfect driving record does not mean that you are can have cheap auto insurance in New Jersey. There are some things that are pretty much out of your control and that can strongly affect your premiums. Some see them as unfair and unrealistic but nevertheless they are here and they make your premiums to be higher. Here is what makes your premiums high and how to try to deal with that if possible.

Your Bad Credit Score

Many people nowadays have bad credit score and that is a fact. Most of those people are drivers that buy insurance coverage. Regardless how clean their driving record is their premiums will be high just because in some point they missed a payment. Even though that most of the people do not see the connection, good percentage of the insurance companies take that in consideration when they assess your risk. Very often someone with bad driving record but good credit score will pay less on premiums as oppose of you who have good driving record and bad credit rating. The only thing to do is to replace your insurer with one that does not take your credit rating in consideration.

Marriage Status

The NJ car insurance companies say that if you are a single and a driver you get to pay higher premiums. As same as with your credit score that does not make any sense. Your perfect driving record once again cannot change their mind in increasing your rates as oppose of that if you were married. The insurance companies see marriage as a sign of stability. The only solution is to get married.

Past Convictions

For an example let us assume that you were caught driving under the influence when you were a teenager. That is something that can haunt your car policy and keep it high for a long time regardless that you have kept perfect driving record for many years after. DUI Laws in New Jersey are one of the strictest in the country and the insurance companies follow them with one of the highest premiums for the people that violate them. The only way to make that go away is if you call upon on the 1974 act and do not share your past convictions with your insurance agent. This act says that after certain period you are not obligated to share your past convictions with your insurance agent in NJ.

Bad Students Pay Higher Premiums

This is another unfair rule that punishes teenage driver with low school average as oppose of teenagers that have high average. If you do not have average B or higher you do not qualify for a discount regardless how good and responsible driver you might be.

Ignorant People Pay More

Ignorance is a blessing only in movies and never in real life. Many people are ignorant about their car insurance. They do not know that the easiest way to get cheap coverage can be easily done almost effortless. All that you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and select the cheapest New Jersey auto insurance coverage.

Seven Valuable Tips to Obtain Cheap Rates of Car Insurance in New Jersey

This is a selection on some great tips on how to get the lowest rates on your car insurance policy in New Jersey.

The state of New Jersey is pretty clear and concise when it comes to car insurance – you need to have it if you want to drive legally. However, New Jersey car insurance laws does not obligate you how much to pay for it. Whether you pay less or more, you`ll chose one cover over other, or one over other company that`s something that completely up to you. Here are ten great tips that can help you to get the lowest insurance rates in New Jersey.

1.            Multiple cars

Many families have more than one car and have different insurance policies for each car. There is nothing wrong with that unless you have no problem with overpaying. The thing is that if you put all your vehicles under one insurance policy, under one company you automatically qualify for a discount. If you have an insurance policy for your house or your own policy you can consider bringing them to one single insurance company. Insurance companies value that and offer great discounts for such clients.

2.            Defensive driving courses

Just by taking a defensive driving course, you become automatically qualified for a discount on your insurance policy. The state of New Jersey obligates every insurance company to give a discount to drivers that successfully passed the course. However, not every company can give training and certificates for defensive driving, only companies approved by the New Jersey motor vehicle commission.

3.            Auto alarm system

This might sound bit like a cliché but the thing is that insurance companies give from 5% to 7% discount on their insurance policies if the car has an alarm system. The investment in the alarm will pay itself for less than three years.


4.            Name your spouse as a driver to your auto insurance policy

Almost every auto insurance company will approve you a discount just because you added your spouse as a driver to your car insurance policy. The reason for doing so it`s because they see marriage as a positive signal.

5.            Limit your lawsuit options

This is not a popular way for getting a discount on insurance policy but it can be an effective one. If you limit your right for a lawsuit, the insurance company will revise your policy and will offer you a lower rate. The only thing that you need to worry is not to be involved in some big car accident.

6.            Tier rating

The tier rating is a term used by auto insurance agents for a rating system that is used to evaluate your driving record and other factors as opposite of just reading your statistics, counting your violations and basing your rating on raw numbers. The goal is to make a better more realistic assessment on the driver and with that to give him a better rate. Insurance agents when make your tier rating consider all sorts of factors such as vehicle type, driving experience, driving record, age, gender, marriage status, etc.


This is the best tip that you will ever get on how to obtain a low car insurance rate, the more quotes you get the better. That way you can choose the lowest of all. The fastest way to do so is to enter your zip code on the top of this page, wait, and see what comes out. You will have the lowest quotes from some of the cheapest car insurance rates in New Jersey.

The Best and Effective Tips To Search Car Insurance in New Jersey

Here you will find some of the best advices/tips on how to obtain a cheap auto insurance rate in New Jersey.

Everyone can get cheap car insurance in New Jersey without too much effort or too much knowledge on insurance laws. It might not be in your control whether you will have or not have car insurance, but it`s totally up to you how much you will spend on it. The most important thing to know is that the process is simple and there are no big secrets to discover. Regardless, many people don`t know how to get low car insurance rate and often spend too much money on it.

The first and most important thing to do is to ask your discount options. Talk to your insurance agent in NJ or someone that works in the insurance agency that is familiar with car insurance policies. There are various types and it can easily be you to fulfill the requirements for some of them. For an example, if you are a teenager or a student with good grades you can get a discount on your insurance rate. All you need is a written prove of your average and your discount will be granted to you. Vehicles equipped with anti-theft features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags are by default qualified for a discount on the insurance policy. When you talk to your insurance agent, you need to point out that so he can take in consideration when making your rate. The more safety features your car has the bigger your discount will be.

Consider taking defensive driving course for additional discount. The state of New Jersey has a law that says that insurance companies must give a discount to people that will pass this course. Before you do so you need to make sure the company that organized the defensive driving course is certified and approved by the New Jersey motor vehicle commission. Only companies certified by this commission can organize defensive driving courses.

Another factor that can significantly influence your insurance rate is your credit history. This at first look might look like something unconnected and unrelated, but nevertheless it`s an important factor for many insurance companies in New Jersey. That is so because they use credit scores to make something that is called “insurance score”. However, one needs to know that not all insurance companies use this system for calculating your insurance rate. The important thing is to talk this over with your insurance agent and see how it affects your policy.

What you drive affects your insurance policy evenly as how you drive. The mode and the age of your car together with its safety features can significantly lower or increase the rate that you pay. At the same time, it also matters where you live and where you park your car, whether is on the street or in your garage. If you live in a quiet neighborhood and you park your car in a garage you will get lower rates, opposite of if you live in some notorious neighborhood and you park your car on the street.

Even though there are many more factors that can affect your car insurance rate these are considered as the most significant ones. However, if you want to learn how low can rates go low just enter your zip at the top of the page and wait few seconds. You will have full access to plenty of free quotes from some of the best New Jersey car insurance companies.

The Effects of Drunk Driving Case to the Rate of your Car Insurance in New Jersey

This is a short overview on what it means to be caught drunk driving in New Jersey. What the law has to say about it and what that will mean for your car insurance rate.

NewJerseyAutoInsuranceNew Jersey car insurance laws are one of the trickiest in the United States. Most of the drivers in New Jersey are not too familiar how the car insurance system works and are bound to get mixed up somewhere along the way. However, with some perseverance everyone can learn how to work his way through the complexity of the car insurance laws in New Jersey. As in the most of the states, car insurance is necessary have in the state of New Jersey. Even though that the state obligated the drivers to have at least “basic minimum policy” it suggests drivers instead to go for the “standard insurance policy” which comes with bigger coverage in case of an accident. With both policies it`s required from the state to have liability, personal injury and uninsured motorist coverage.

Carrying your insurance identification card is mandatory in the state of New Jersey, caught without it and you will be fined and ticketed. If the driver is caught without car insurance at all, than he can expect more severe penalties. Penalties vary from fines, community service, registration, license suspension, and in some cases even jail time. If you keep on making the same mistake, you risk your car to be impounded.

Unfortunately, for every car owner in the state, New Jersey has the second most expensive insurance rates in the country. The national average is set at $817 per year, while the New Jersey average is $1.152. In addition to the strict New Jersey insurance policy, there is no tolerance for drunk driving. The implied consent law is at force in the state of New Jersey, meaning that by driving on roads that are on the territory of New Jersey, you the driver automatically consent to a chemical test if the police officer has its suspicion that you are driving under the influence of alcohol.

For a driver in New Jersey to be considered under the influence, it needs to have a Blood alcohol content (BAC) of at least .08% or higher. In case the blood alcohol content is over .15%, then you should expect even stricter penalties. If this is your first offense, you can easily get 30 days in jail, up to $400 in fines and license suspension for up to 90 days. If you do the same mistake again, the fines can be as high as $1.000, 30 days of jail time and suspension of your license for a period from seven to twelve months. In addition to all that, any offender will need pay additional $1.000 on his insurance policy for the next three years. As far as teenage drivers caught drunk driving, the state of New Jersey has a zero-tolerance policy. Translated in plain English any teen caught with any amount of alcohol in the blood is subjected to severe penalties.

Regardless if you were caught drunk or not, finding cheap rates is a real possibility. All you need to do is to enter your zip code on the top of the page, and you will get plenty of free quotes. Once you get them, you can easily find the lowest rate of car insurance in New Jersey.

Useful Tips from a Car Insurance Agent in New Jersey for a Cheap Insurance Policy

Auto insurance in New Jersey is mandatory; if you drive without it you are breaking the law. Whether you are renewing your insurance policy or you are buying new one, you will need to make many decisions about your policy, which will affect how much money you will spend on premiums. Here are few advices derived from the mind of an insurance agent on how to find cheap auto insurance in New Jersey.

The first thing to comprehend is that purchasing an insurance policy is pretty much the same as with any other major purchase, you need to understand the product before you purchase it. It is also important to remember that you can change your policy limits and coverage at any time, regardless that you are not even close to your renewal date. If you get a better quote, you can simply cancel your old policy and ask for a refund for your unused premiums. Many people are not aware that this is possible and as a result rarely decide to cancel their current policy.

Limited right to sue is one way to get a cheap rate on your auto insurance policy. Limited right to sue means that in case of an accident you cannot sue the driver who cause the accident for your suffering or pain unless you sustain a permanent injury such as significant scarring and significant disfigurement, loss of fetus, loss of body part. Opting for limited right to sue doesn`t affect the ability to sue for economic damages like lost wages and medical expenses.

Every driver that passes the defensive drivers training can ask for car insurance discount. The State of New Jersey obligates every auto insurance company that works on its territory to give discounts for drivers that take this course. The New Jersey motor vehicle commission is the governing body that says who can organize defense-driving course. That is why you need to make sure that the training is approved by this commission before you enroll.

1998 was a significant year for auto insurance; it was the year when the automobile insurance cost reduction act (AICRA) permanently changed the way insurance companies conducts their business by creating the tier system. The tier system is a system used by insurance companies to make realistic assessment when identifying a good risk, opposite of simply penalizing drivers for their violations and accidents. Many factors influence your tier rating, things such as; driving experience, vehicle model and age, credit history, gender, age, marriage status, claims. However, most of the companies use different tier system. Some risk characteristics can significantly affect the tier system with one company and yet to be not so important to another insurance company. Each insurance company holds the privilege to say which characteristics are more important to them and which not so much, that`s up to their company policy.

Insurance score is one of the characteristics that`s used by many New Jersey auto insurance companies to evaluate and assign rate. The insurance score is largely based on your consumer credit score. Insurance companies through their insurance agents use your credit score in conjunction with your application information, loss report, and vehicle report to evaluate your insurance risk and assign your rate. However, one needs to know that the New Jersey state prohibits insurance companies to use insurance score to cancel, deny or not to renew coverage.

The type of the vehicle, the model, the make, its safety features, its cost, these are all factors that influence your premium. Generally, older cars cost less to insure than sports or luxury car. The cost to insure different models may vary from insurer to insurer, that is why you need to check with several insurance companies before you decide to purchase your insurance. In addition, many companies give special discounts for vehicles with plenty of safety features. There is an unwritten rule that says the safer the vehicle the lower your premium will be. This is especially important of you buy a new vehicle.

Where you live, your neighborhood can significantly affect your premium. If you live in a neighborhood with low crime rate and you park your car in your garage you will pay lower premium, opposite of if you live in an area with high car-theft average and you park your car on the street. Insurance companies also count the number of claims made by insurers in that particular area. The less claims the lower your premium.

Marital status is regularly taken into consideration when evaluating and assigning rate. The statistics show that younger married couples have fewer claims from unmarried people near their age; as a result, they pay lower premiums. Insurance companies see marriage as a sign of stability, which they award with lower auto insurance rates.

Age is also an important factor that is taken in consideration by the insurance agents. Teenagers in average pay the highest premiums. The reason for that is their lack of driving experience as well as the statistics that show that teenagers are the number one age category in accident cause.

Having multiple cars can also be an important and influential factor that affects your premium. If you insurance all of your vehicles on one insurance policy the insurance company will surely grant you a discount. Additional discount can be gained in case you have another policy such as life insurance or homeowner`s.

Good students are targeted as groups eligible for insurance discount. Students that maintain an average of “B” or higher usually are granted a discount. Insurance companies see that as a sign of stability and as with married couples, they reward that with a discount.  All that the students need to do is to bring a proof of their average and they can have their discount granted.

The last but not least important tip on how to obtain cheap auto insurance is to get as many quotes as possible. The easiest and fastest way to do so is by entering your zip on the top of this page and receives free quotes from most of the insurance companies that operate on the territory of New Jersey. That is the best way to find cheap auto insurance in New Jersey.

Effective Tips for Teens to Shop and Buy Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Teens pay the highest insurance rates of New Jersey car insurance and that`s a fact. Here are few tips on how to change that and pay less for their insurance rates.

New Jersey has some of the highest car insurance rates in the country. Even though that seems unfair, the statistics show that teens are responsible for more traffic accidents than any other age group. However, just because you are part of that group doesn`t mean that you are not entitle of lower rates on your insurance policy. Check out some auto insurance money saving advices for both teens and parents.

–              Good grades equals lower auto insurance rate

Good average not only will help you to get in a reputable college but also at the same time can lower your auto insurance rate. Most of the auto insurance companies offer discount for teenagers with high average. With most of the companies, B-average does the trick.

–              Drivers education

Even so that driver’s education in New Jersey is not obligatory you need to seriously consider this option. Many insurance companies offer discount for teens that enroll in driver`s education and offer discount if you can provide them a written prove that you did so. The money spent on this matter will return to you very soon in terms of lower rates, as opposite of what you would pay though they years without it. Once you do that it will stay forever in your driver`s record.

–              Addition training course

Want to knock even more heard earned dollars of your premium, take an additional training course. Not only that will bring you additional discount and it will be written forever in your driving record but also you will be an expert in safe driving. Considering that traffic accidents are very common that`s a skill that matters a lot, especially when you will have a family.

–              Defense driving course

At this point you might be thinking, oh no another driving course. However, this is not just one driving course; this is the driving course that every responsible driver in New Jersey needs to take. In addition to that, the insurance companies are required to give discount to anyone that has a certificate that has passed this course. The New Jersey motor vehicle commission is the organization that is responsible for giving such certificates.

–              Fancy cars

Sports cars, newer models, flashy cars, they all bring higher premiums. On the other hand if you buy an older more practical ride your insurance rate won`t be too high. Insurance companies will value that and will surely award you with a lower rate of car insurance in New Jersey. Later you can always get the car of your dreams.

–              Deductibles

For this to work, you need to ask your parents to increase their deductibles. If they agree to do so, not only that you will pay lower rates but at the same time they will save some money on their premiums as well. It is one of the win-win situations that everyone loves.

–              Get as many quotes as possible

This is equally important for every driver in New Jersey, not only teenagers that want to find cheap insurance rate. The easiest and fastest way to do so is by entering your zip code above on this page and wait for few seconds.  Once you do that you will be able to find the cheapest rate from some of the best car insurance companies in New Jersey.

An In-Depth Look into Auto Insurance in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey deems it necessary for every single driver in the state to present a proof of their financial responsibilities towards their vehicles by purchasing what is known as a liability insurance policy. However, in certain cases that are extremely rare, it is possible for individuals to even get their vehicles self-insured by approaching the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. In order to get a vehicle registered, it is necessary for the owner to present a proof of insurance. Back in the year 2002, the state of New Jersey deemed it necessary for all the companies of auto insurance in New Jersey to submit and electronic copy of the information of the policyholder to the New Jersey Electronic Insurance Compliance System.

In the year 2010, the minimum liability insurance requirements in New Jersey for the ownership of a car have been set at what is generally known within the state as 25/50/25. The first two basic numbers, which are 25/50 are basically represented in thousands of dollars and are indicative of the limit that has been set for personal bodily injury liability. The last number, which is 25, is used to indicate the limit that has been set by the state for property damage liability. For instance, consider that an accident takes place and is caused by a driver that has minimum liability insurance, than every single person that is injured in the other car is going to receive up to $25,000 with a limit per vehicle of up to $50,000. Any additional expenses that occur can easily be acquired by the injured party by filing a suit against the driver. Damages that have been caused to the vehicle will be paid for up to $25,000. However, if the injured party wants to, they can pursue any additional property damage claims in court as well.

People that possess a lease or an outstanding car note are required to buy more than the preset minimum liability insurance. The leasing company has the potential to protect the investment that it has made in the car by fixing its very own minimum liability amount. However, the owner of the car has the ability to increase the coverage amount on their vehicle so that they can be protected against lawsuits just in case an accident is caused because of them. This additional coverage amount plays a major role in averting them from lawsuits that might be filed against them in case an accident takes place because of their negligence or carelessness.

Lapses in coverage and the fines those are applicable on them

•             Fines for Lapses in Coverage

•             The state of New Jersey allows a 30-day grace period for new insurance information to be electronically submitted to its database. As of 2005, if there is an additional lapse of 10 days without NJ auto insurance, the car owner will be charged a lapse fee. If the lapse fee has not been paid within 30 days, the car’s registration will be suspended, and an additional reinstatement fee will be added. A second lapse within a five-year period requires a mandatory registration suspension of 90 days. A third lapse within a five-year period requires a six-month suspension and a higher reinstatement fee. If the car was sold, stolen, or repossessed, the former owner must submit an affidavit to the New Jersey Department of Driver Services to have the fines removed.

Enter your zip code and just spare three minutes of your life to get the best auto insurance quotes in New Jersey!

Why Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in New Jersey is Not the Best

Even though it’s not the case with some states, New Jersey auto insurance laws needs to be taken very seriously because of many reasons,  but mainly that it treats harshly anyone that doesn’t follow them. In order to be able to drive legally on the roads and highways in the state of New Jersey every driver needs to fulfill the minimum insurance requirements. Even though that the state minimum will help you to drive legally many recommend a bigger policy. Here follow the minimum requirements, what that means to you as a driver, why it is a good idea to purchase a bigger auto insurance policy and how to obtain the best rate.

Minimum Insurance Requirements in New Jersey

The minimum insurance policy can cover costs up to $25.000 per person for body injuries, $50.000 for body injuries for more than one person and up to $25.000 for property damages. Without this policy, no one can legally operate a vehicle in the state of New Jersey. However, the law recognizes few exceptions. The state of New Jersey doesn`t require any insurance policies for motorcycles, certain seasonal agricultural vehicles, stolen vehicles, non-drivable vehicles, junked  or salvaged vehicles. This is important to know because in case you with your vehicle are involved in accident with the vehicles that are on the exceptions lists, your insurance policy will cover the damage regardless whose fault is. This is because of the tort system, which is still in force in New Jersey.

Can You Trick The System?

If you don`t want to mess with the state of New Jersey once you purchase your policy, you need to make sure that you have it all time in your vehicle and to renew it when the time comes to do so. The renewable date is something that you can check on your car insurance policy papers. In case you forgot to renew it, the state of New Jersey can send you a small fine. That is if you don`t renew it within the first ten days after the expiration of the renewal date. Another way to check your renewal date is to go online and visit the official web site of the Department of Revenue.

Why Go For Bigger Insurance Policy?

The main reason for going for more expensive policy is because in many accidents the minimum insurance doesn`t cover the cost of the accident, regardless if it is for hospital costs, car repair or other property damage. The thing is that nowadays even simple hospital procedures can cost a lot, not to mention that you hit some luxury car. $50.000 per accident are too often, too many times too little to cover such costs.

How to Deal With That?

In order to make the most of your money is to look for great deals on insurance policies. The easiest ways is right in front of your nose, just enter your zip code above on this same page, and wait for a while. After a while you`ll get quotes from some of the cheapest car insurance companies. It can easily happen to pay less and buy more. Stick to what you read and not only will you never be in trouble with auto insurance laws in New Jersey but you will get the best insurance deals.

A Simple Guide to Understand the New Jersey Car Insurance Laws

Each state has its own set of insurance laws, from which large numbers are pretty similar or same. New Jersey car insurance laws, at least good percentage comply with most of the insurance laws in the other states. However, there are few auto insurance laws in New Jersey that are typical for only few more states. Everyone that purchases auto insurance policy in New Jersey needs to comply with New Jersey’s insurance regulations if he wants his vehicle to be registered. Not complying means that you will drive your vehicle illegally and there is a big chance that you will be penalized for that.

BestCarInsuranceInNewJerseyAccording to the state if New Jersey auto insurance regulations every driver is obligated to obtain both types of coverage. In addition to that, everyone in your household that uses the auto needs to possess such coverage or have proof of it, when using the vehicle. The point is that the insurance coverage is needed per person rather than per car. However, there are few exemptions to this regulation. That is in cases when the vehicle is salvaged, wrecked, junked, when the lease is terminated or the ownership is transferred to another state. The exemption is applicable to owners of motorcycles and agricultural vehicles used for season work as well.

In case that none of the mentioned exceptions is applicable to your situation, you and every one of your family that uses the car are obligated by law to obtain injury liability coverage. According to the law in New Jersey, the minimum coverage for one person is at least $25,000, for more persons per accident the minimum is $50,000, and for damage property, the minimum is set at $25,000. That is commonly known as 25/50/25.

The state of New Jersey is not a no-fault state. That means that in case of a car accident, the involved parties are not obligated to cover their own medical or other expenses cause by the accident, if any. Only the driver who caused the accident through his insurance policy pays the bill. In addition to that, the innocent party has the legal right to seek further compensation from the party who is found at fault.

The best way to be sure that you are fully covered is to buy a bigger insurance policy. The thing is that the minimum required basic policy is rarely enough to cover any expense that is having in mind how much hospitals charge for a simple procedure or what if you hit some luxury car. The $50.000 in that case is just a fraction of the cost and it may easily be required to pay from your own pocket for the rest of the bill.

Getting a good rate on any auto insurance policy in New Jersey is not as hard as one would think. The best way to do so is by getting quotes from different insurance companies.

If you wondered how to do so, just look above on this same page and you will see a sign that says enter your zip code. Once you see it simply enter your zip code and you will get plenty of quotes from a number of companies.  Find the lowest for the coverage you had in mind and you will be sure that the car insurance laws in New Jersey will not make you awake at night.

What Every Driver Needs to Know Before Obtaining a Car Insurance Policy in New Jersey

New Jersey auto insurance laws are rather strictly enforced in the state of New Jersey, for which reason it is necessary for you to make sure that you never drive your car insurance having an insurance policy at hand.

It is necessary for motor vehicle owners that are situated in New Jersey to make sure that their mandatory auto liability insurance coverage over their cars are regularly maintained. The vehicle needs to be legally driven, should have a New Jersey based license plate or tags, and the tags should be renewed, replaced, or even transferred to the original owners’ name.

In terms of the minimum amount of auto insurance that you need to carry, well that is subjected to about $25,000 for every person in terms of bodily injury, around $25,000 for every accident for property damage, and about $50,000 for bodily injury that might occur on around a minimum of two people. However, if you ever get involved in a serious offense and cause major damage, than you are bound to find that these car car insurance requirements in NJ would not suffice.

In order to satisfy the requirements of law, every single car being driven in the state of New Jersey needs to possess at least this basic minimum auto insurance coverage. For those that are interested in renting a car in this state, by law, the rental company needs to provide the necessary liability auto insurance to the state. However, just in case the current car insurance policy that you own does not cover auto insurance that is meant for rental cars, then it is necessary for you to acquire liability auto insurance straight from the company from which you are renting the car.

If you allow your auto insurance to lapse, not only would you be susceptible to stiff penalties, there is also a fair chance that the automobile registration of your car might be suspended by the authorities. A lapse in the state of New Jersey occurs when 10 continuous days pass by without you having auto insurance coverage. In terms of a lapse, you will be subjected to a $25 penalty lapse fee together with a reinstatement fee that comes to about $60. Both of these need to be paid before having your license plates renewed. The fees would continue to increase in terms of a second or third offense, so you need to be very careful. By the third offense, you can rest assured that your reinstatement fees would be reaching up to about a full $160. You will also be charged with a misdemeanor just in case you are caught driving around with a registration that has a suspended status.

The state of New Jersey is known to follow what is known as a Tort system, which implies that you are not required to acquire PIP or personal injury protection insurance coverage. You also do not need to acquire Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage or UN/UIM. However, there is a plethora of people across New Jersey that purchases this to enhance their auto insurance policies.

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