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The Uses of Certificate of Financial Responsibility or SR-22 During Traffic Violations

The Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) is basically an assurance that you have the minimum required Car Insurance in New Jersey. It is also known as SR-22. There are different types of CFR namely: Car Insurance, Non-owner and Motorcycle Insurance. These are all types of SR-22 forms. Motorcycle and Car CFR covers are only meant for the individuals who own the vehicles. On the other hand, non-owner insurance is intended for persons who do not own their own cars. These scenarios include rental and borrowed vehicles and vehicles used for commercial reasons.

Car Insurance in New Jersey requires that anyone who has been convicted of DUIs, DWIs and any other traffic infractions take up an SR-22 insurance cover in order to continue driving. An individual may also be required to obtain an SR-22 cover if the individual does not possess sufficient auto insurance coverage. One does not automatically take up the SR-22 cover out of their own free will, the cover has to be court ordered by the state since it has some requirements that you must fulfill.  To be liable for the SR-22 cover, you must fulfill the minimum auto insurance liability prerequisites. Only after this you can be liable for the SR – 22 cover.

The minimum liability in order to obtain an SR-22 cover according to Car Insurance in New Jersey is $10,000 for personal bodily injury and $5,000 for property damage. New Jersey has among the lowest minimum liability requirements compared to other states in the US.  Usually the minimum liability requires that you are insured for bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident and property damage. It is usually depicted in form of a ratio of which in the case of Car Insurance in New Jersey it is 10/5. However, one is not restricted to have the minimum liability auto insurance requirements just to get the SR-22 cover. These are just the minimum requirements but you can also have a higher insurance cover if you can afford one.

In the event that you are arrested on a DUI charge and ordered by the court to take up an SR-22 cover, it will run for the term your driver’s license has been suspended. However, SR-22 cover does not exempt you from being arrested for future traffic infractions during the tenure of the cover. Any traffic infractions during this time could lead to stiffer penalties or even suspension of the SR-22 cover. Reinstating your driver’s license in such an event will be difficult and costly. Therefore, once you take up the cover it is advisable to stick to the traffic regulations as best you can.

Each state has set penalties for not having the SR-22 cover. But it only applies to drivers who have been ordered by the court or state to have it.  Input your area Zip at the start of this page to find out more about the requirements for Certificate of Financial Responsibility for our area.