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Car Insurance Penalties and Fees Concerning DUIs in New Jersey

All crimes however big or small come at a price. Once you are arrested on a DUI, Car Insurance in NJ dictates that you must face some fines and penalties. Each state has different fines compared to the gravity of the offence as concerns DUI.  There are a number of factors that come into question when determining the amount of fines or fees that one is supposed to pay. The nature of the DUI arrest is coupled with the number of arrests that the individual has in their file. In essence, you will pay fewer fines for a first DUI offence than a second one. The more the DUI offences you have in your driving history the more fines that you will pay if you have a consecutive offence.

There is a breakdown of fees that are accumulated to result in a DUI penalty if arrested.  You may be lucky to be pardoned by the courts and only have to pay your court legal fees. Getting such a chance is slim since DUI is a serious offence. However, once convicted you may need to pay for the following:

* A hardship driving permit for those who have to drive in order to make a living.

* Fees for restoration of a suspended drivers license.

* Cost of installation of the Ignition Interlocking System.

* Court ordered counseling and substance abuse programs.

* Legal Fees such as for a DUI attorney to help through the court process.

* Additional Car insurance premiums in NJ and surcharges.

These fees are the basics of what you will need to pay after a simple DUI charge. If the DUI offence resulted in serious bodily injury or death to someone else, the penalties may range from one year to life imprisonment.  The court fees that may amount from a DUI according to Car Insurance in NJ will be around $250 – $1,000. However, these are only court fees since the actual amount will most likely be more than what is mentioned herein.

New Jersey has one for the lowest court fees in the United States. Charges for other states like Illinois and Massachusetts that have a maximum of $25,000 and $50,000 respectively. These are among the most expensive states to have a DUI conviction in. With all these charges involved as a result of having a DUI conviction, it’s suffice to say that you will be on the more financially sound side by avoiding getting convicted in the first place. Many people seem to ignore this fact until they find themselves convicted of this offence.

To avoid getting yourself into penalties that can easily put you in dire financial strains’, enter your zip at the beginning of the page and stay informed.