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Seven Valuable Tips to Obtain Cheap Rates of Car Insurance in New Jersey

This is a selection on some great tips on how to get the lowest rates on your car insurance policy in New Jersey.

The state of New Jersey is pretty clear and concise when it comes to car insurance – you need to have it if you want to drive legally. However, New Jersey car insurance laws does not obligate you how much to pay for it. Whether you pay less or more, you`ll chose one cover over other, or one over other company that`s something that completely up to you. Here are ten great tips that can help you to get the lowest insurance rates in New Jersey.

1.            Multiple cars

Many families have more than one car and have different insurance policies for each car. There is nothing wrong with that unless you have no problem with overpaying. The thing is that if you put all your vehicles under one insurance policy, under one company you automatically qualify for a discount. If you have an insurance policy for your house or your own policy you can consider bringing them to one single insurance company. Insurance companies value that and offer great discounts for such clients.

2.            Defensive driving courses

Just by taking a defensive driving course, you become automatically qualified for a discount on your insurance policy. The state of New Jersey obligates every insurance company to give a discount to drivers that successfully passed the course. However, not every company can give training and certificates for defensive driving, only companies approved by the New Jersey motor vehicle commission.

3.            Auto alarm system

This might sound bit like a cliché but the thing is that insurance companies give from 5% to 7% discount on their insurance policies if the car has an alarm system. The investment in the alarm will pay itself for less than three years.


4.            Name your spouse as a driver to your auto insurance policy

Almost every auto insurance company will approve you a discount just because you added your spouse as a driver to your car insurance policy. The reason for doing so it`s because they see marriage as a positive signal.

5.            Limit your lawsuit options

This is not a popular way for getting a discount on insurance policy but it can be an effective one. If you limit your right for a lawsuit, the insurance company will revise your policy and will offer you a lower rate. The only thing that you need to worry is not to be involved in some big car accident.

6.            Tier rating

The tier rating is a term used by auto insurance agents for a rating system that is used to evaluate your driving record and other factors as opposite of just reading your statistics, counting your violations and basing your rating on raw numbers. The goal is to make a better more realistic assessment on the driver and with that to give him a better rate. Insurance agents when make your tier rating consider all sorts of factors such as vehicle type, driving experience, driving record, age, gender, marriage status, etc.


This is the best tip that you will ever get on how to obtain a low car insurance rate, the more quotes you get the better. That way you can choose the lowest of all. The fastest way to do so is to enter your zip code on the top of this page, wait, and see what comes out. You will have the lowest quotes from some of the cheapest car insurance rates in New Jersey.