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Seven Steps to Successfully Add a New Car to your Current Car Insurance Policy in New Jersey

Adding a new vehicle to an existing New Jersey Car Insurance is not a new phenomenon. It is among the easiest and most convenient ways to reduce your car insurance costs. The current financial crisis being felt all over the United States has forced people to resort to cheaper and more convenient ways to lessen their expenditures. The different life stages that people go through are the main reasons for people wanting to buy an additional vehicle. Among these life stages are:- marriage, your teenager has come of age to needs a car, expanding a business and sometimes maybe just wanting a new car to spice up your life. New Jersey Car Insurance firms will more often than not give you a discount on your car insurance premiums if you choose to add a new vehicle to your individual car insurance. Buying a separate car insurance policy for any vehicle you own is an expensive venture and most insurance agents and brokers will advice you against that. This said, you are still within your rights to do so if you please.


The process for adding a vehicle to your current auto insurance policy is simple and just needs you to follow a few self-explanatory points. These are:

•             First, you must liaise with your insurer and inform them of your intention to add another vehicle to your current policy.

•             The insurer will then require you to give the details of your policy, which are your name, policy number and the like.

•             The type of car and make sure to include the year and model of the vehicle

•             VIN number of the vehicle

•             The mileage of the vehicle; which you will be found by checking the odometer

•             If someone else apart from you will be driving the vehicle; like your teenager, spouse, friend etc; give the insurer their names, date of birth and their license numbers

•             Last but not least, the type of cover you want to take up on the vehicle. This is the liability in terms of individual injury, personal injury protection, property damage, collision, and comprehensive. These amounts must meet the minimum liability requirements of the respective state. If you are in New Jersey and want the Basic liability, you will only be required to make do with two namely property damage and bodily injury to multiple persons.

Apart from adding a new car to an existing auto insurance policy, there are a number of ways that one can lower their auto insurance costs. New Jersey Car Insurance rates are among the lowest in the United States but you can still use other legal measures to make it even lower. If you are interested in finding out, enter your zip in the box provided at the top of the page. Staying informed on the goings on in the New Jersey Car Insurance industry is a privilege you cannot afford to overlook.