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Required New Jersey Auto Insurance Coverage and Other Add-ons

There are a number of car insurance options that one can choose from in the state of New Jersey. Knowing your way around the industry is the most important thing if you want to get the best New Jersey auto insurance deal available. You need to understand the different types of insurance coverage that there are and the purpose they serve. This will make you decision making process much easier to achieve the auto insurance policy you need.

Here are a few of the insurance coverage you may want to look into:

1) Liability

Liability insurance is a requirement in most of the states and New Jersey is no exception. What liability insurance does is cover the costs or expenses that arise in the event of a car accident in which you are the cause. It covers damages that you may cause to another individual’s property and also bodily injuries that you may cause to another individual in the unfortunate event of a car accident. You are required by law to carry a minimum of $5,000 for damage you may cause to property and $10,000 for bodily injury or harm you may cause for one person per accident. These are the minimum requirements for the basic policy in the state of New Jersey. However, it is advisable to carry more insurance than the minimum required amount because in more serious auto accidents, the minimum required amount is usually not enough.

2) Additional New Jersey car insurance cover

As a precautionary measure, it is in your best interest to look into additional insurance cover to supplement the mandatory minimum required insurance coverage. Some of the additional New Jersey auto insurance options include collision coverage that entails coverage for damages to your automobile in case an accident occurs. Another insurance coverage you might want to look into is comprehensive coverage which covers your car against such events as theft, natural disasters, vandalism, unfavorable weather conditions and so on. It is advisable to consider these insurance coverage especially if you own an expensive car, if you commute in an area with high traffic or if you live and commute in a densely populated area. In contrast, if you live in an area that is sparsely populated places like rural areas and the traffic is not heavy, then you might not need all these insurance coverage. This also applies in case your vehicle is relatively inexpensive.

To be able to get the most reliable car insurance in NJ, you will need to do a thorough research and the best place to start this research is right here. All you have to do is enter you New Jersey zip code in the space provided above and you will find a list of the best car insurance providers in your locality. You will also get a free NJ auto insurance quote.