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A person under the influence of any form of intoxication can be caught by the authorities. The New Jersey DUI laws do not exempt any person from the penalties that are associated with being found guilty of a DUI offense. Usually, the authorities will take certain tests on you so that they can determine the amount of intoxication that is within your body. If they discover that it is far beyond the average normal percentage value, then you will definitely suffer the due penalties.It is better to take the further steps to avoid the situation.

There are strict rules that are associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. These rules and regulations are stipulated New Jersey DUI or DWI laws. The DWI or DUI refers to driving while intoxicated.

Some drivers are so stubborn that they prefer to ward off the authorities when they ask them to go for the intoxication test. When this happens, the individual involved will suffer greatly. In most cases, huge fines are expected to be paid by the offender. The huge fines are usually coupled with a suspension of the car license. The manner in which the authorities are likely to deal with the offender is in line with the New Jersey implied consent law. The officer is at liberty to take any necessary chemical test so as to determine the level of intoxication within the blood stream of the suspect. Sometimes the officer can choose to test the blood, urine or the breath of the suspect. Refusal to take the appropriate tests will result in the slapping of the due penalties.

According to the New Jersey implied consent law, the test of your blood or urine sample should occur soon after you have been detained. This is to ensure that there is no significant difference between the level of intoxication that is in your blood at the time you are detained and the time the test is carried out.The state of New Jersey considers the DWI laws as being very important. When a person has been convicted of having driving under the influence of any intoxication, very hefty penalties may be slapped on the offender. It is possible for the offender to suffer the loss of the license for a period not less than 7 months. Some drivers may even lose their license for more than 9 months if the DWI offense is very grave. Some drivers can even suffer a jail sentence of up to 30 days. In some cases, the driver may be sentenced to serving the community for up two days.

It is very important for every driver to take the DWI laws as seriously as possible. This is because of the gravity of the penalties that would usually follow if someone has been convicted. Apart from suffering the penalties that have been indicated above, the offender can sometimes suffer the loss of the license for up to ten years. This would happen if the offender commits another offense within 10 years after committing the second offense.