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Important Details That a Teenage Driver Should Know About Car Insurance in New Jersey

There are few things that every teenage driver should know about if he or she wants to keep the premiums at a normal range. Here are the most important things that make the biggest difference for car insurance premiums for teen drivers in the state of NJ.

The simple fact is that almost every teen driver in the state of New Jersey does not know almost anything about car insurance laws in New Jersey or car insurance in general. Some of them only know that the law obligates them to have it and that their parents are on top of it. However, there are few things that every teen driver should know about in order the parents not to pay large premiums for his or her car insurance. Follow some of the most important things that influence their car insurance policy and that can have a huge effect on the policy for a long time after they are out of their teenage years. The mistakes that you make as a teenage driver can affect your insurance policy for the rest of your life.

Having good high school average does not only mean that you can easily sign up on some of the best colleges but it also means that you will pay much less for your car insurance than your friends with lower average. Vast majority of the New Jersey car insurance companies offer discounts to teenagers that have an average B or higher. Therefore, hit the books if you don’t want to get a new part time job to pay off your car insurance premiums. In addition to that, you need to keep in mind that insurance companies also care what type of car you will drive. If you opt for an expensive car you need to be prepared for really high premiums. New cars cost more to insure than used cars. If you decide to make few improvements to your car such as having fancy spoilers or boost your car engine, you will be surprised how high a car can premium can go. If you as a teenage driver can get your hands on a sports car, car insurance rates can increase to another level. At that point, you will need to pay a small fortune for your car insurance.

There is a rule that says the less you drive the car the lower the premium will be. If you use your car only to drive to school or work, you are probably eligible for some discount. The less mileage you do per year the less your premium will be. If you spend more time in your car, the premium grows.

You need to tell your insurance agent if you are doing less than 10.000 miles per year. If that is true you can count on a really good discount. The defensive driving course is another thing that can lower your premiums. Every New Jersey car insurance company is obligated by law to give you a discount to anyone that can prove that he or she has passed the course, teenagers included. Take the course, show the certificate to your insurance agent and he will have to grant you a discount because of it. Limiting your lawsuit options is also something that needs to be taken in consideration when making an insurance policy for a teen driver. This can significantly lower the burden of the high premiums that you need to pay as a teen driver. The downside is that in most cases you cannot sue if you are involved in a traffic accident in which it is someone else`s fault. However, there are some exceptions and you can sue in case of loss of body part, displaced fracture, significant disfigurement or scarring, permanent injury and death.

Another important thing to have in mind as a teenage driver is to try and not make claims often for every little thing. Try to make up for some of the smaller damages from your own pocket and your premiums won’t grow the following year. They rise with much faster pace if you are teenage driver. Buying a new stop light or fixing the spoiler if its broken a bit is always a smart move and your dad who covers your insurance will surely value that. If fixing small damages from your own pocket was just another important thing, not drinking while driving is the most important. That is one of the main reasons why teenagers all over the country, not only in New Jersey, pay the highest premiums. Insurance companies have the statistics on their side to prove that. The DUI Laws in New Jersey are pretty strict when it comes to teenage drivers and the insurance companies to go along with that. The coverage for teenage driver caught driving under the influence is something that can make you turn your part time into a full time one. Therefore, try to avoid driving when going on a party or going clubbing.

Going with the same insurance company as your parents is probably the wisest thing that a teen can do. That is if they have a clean driving record. Otherwise, you will not be doing yourself a favor. Car insurance companies love when families bring their business to them and they regularly offer great discounts because of that. In addition to all that you can ask your insurance agent to tell you about every discount that their company has and check if you are eligible for some of them. Different insurance companies have different policies and offer different discounts. Your agent will either tell you verbally or he will give you a document that contains all the discounts they offer for their clients. The final and the thing that can bring you the lowest car insurance rate is getting as many quotes as possible.

In order to do this you don’t need to know every New Jersey car insurance law. Instead you need only to enter your zip above on this same page and get quotes from some of the best companies in NJ.