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How to Deal with Mechanical Breakdowns with Car Insurance in NJ

Having your vehicle breakdown brings to mind many things. Among your chief concerns is the cost of repairing the vehicle. This is not to mention what it will cost you to tow the vehicle and finding the right place to have your vehicle repaired. Not to worry though, car Insurance in NJ has a solution that just fits this particular predicament. Here’s introducing to you Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. Not many insurers offer it because it is a vehicle repair covers that is analogous to the conventional warranty.

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance is tailor made to cover the expense of repairing your vehicle in the event that it breaks down. Most people who take up this form of cover do so when their vehicle warranty has expired or for one reason or another, it does not cover them as much as they need it to. The Mechanical Breakdown Insurance should be taken up as an addition to your usual auto insurance cover and not as the only cover for your vehicle. This is because; Mechanical Breakdown Insurance does not cover the repairs being done on your vehicle after an accident like conventional auto insurance. It also does not cover for regular servicing on your vehicle like tune ups and oil changes. Another restriction with this cover is that one has a limited period in which to take it up.

For instance, some insurers may require you to take it up within less than two years of owning the vehicle or when the vehicle’s mileage has not exceeded eighteen thousand miles. Such requirements are put in place so that NJ auto insurance can begin covering your car when it is still in good condition. However, once you have signed onto Mechanical Breakdown Insurance, the policy may extend for up to 7 years or when the vehicle’s mileage is well passed one hundred thousand miles. Having this cover as part of your auto insurance means that you are covered both ways in terms of an accident or vehicle malfunction. The best thing with this is now you will have peace of mind whenever you are travelling within New Jersey.

Some people have been found to opt for purchasing an extended warranty on their vehicle as compared to purchasing Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. The truth is, the advantages of taking up Mechanical Breakdown Insurance outweigh those of an extended warranty from your vehicle’s manufacturer. First and most important is that Mechanical Breakdown cover is more pocket friendly than an extended warranty. Whereas an extended warranty requires you to pay a lump sum amount for the cover, Mechanical Breakdown Insurance just requires you to pay small amounts every now and then in form of insurance premiums. In addition to this, the terms and conditions of Mechanical Breakdown Insurance are much more geared towards the client’s needs than an extended warranty.

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