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Four Types of People That Pay the Highest Premiums on Their Auto Insurance in New Jersey

There are different types of people that have one thing in common: their high car insurance premiums. Here follow those groups and why in average the pay the highest rates.

Firstly, it needs to be emphasized that the car insurance laws in New Jersey are the same for everyone, regardless the race, age, social background and so on. However, some types of people pay in average more than others. The insurance companies see them as much risky and as a result of that they give them much higher premiums. Here follow a list of few types of people that in average pay higher premiums than other people.

Rich people

In average, rich people pay much higher premiums than the rest of the people and there are few reasons for that. First, they drive expensive or some rare exotic cars. In case of an accident, they cost a lot to be repaired and as a result of that the insurance companies raise the premiums. Second, they have more than one expensive car in their garage.

People that like to drink

If you like to have a drink or two after work, the chances are good to be caught under the influence. The DUI Laws in New Jersey are pretty strict and police officers are always on the watch for people that drive under the influence. To be considered that you are driving under the influence your BAC needs to be 0.08% or higher. Once that enters your driver’s record the insurance companies will make you pay for those few drinks for many years after. Every time you will renew your insurance policy the insurance agent will see the “red flags” around your name and your rates will be pretty high.

Adrenalin junkies

Some people are always constantly looking for a way to raise their adrenalin. Driving fast is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so. Every time you get a speed ticket, it goes into your driver’s record. If you are one of those people you need to give up from high speed driving and to look for another way to increase your adrenalin. One speed ticket and your driver’s record will be damaged almost forever and you can forget about low New Jersey car insurance premiums.


This is one of the riskiest groups of drivers which pay the highest premiums. Plus, New Jersey car insurance companies have statistical numbers to prove them that they have the right for doing so. Teenagers with good school average, drive used cars, and take defensive driving course lessons are qualified for much lower premiums. On the other hand, most of the teenagers opt for new and often more expensive cars, like to show off by driving fast, don’t hesitate to have few drinks while driving and so on. That is the typical behavior for most of the teenage drivers in the country. Once they are over that phase they regret it, but by that time their driving record is pretty much full of different traffic violations and their car premiums are crazy high.

The only thing to do in any case, regardless if you have found yourself in some of the mentioned groups is to get as many quotes as possible. You will still pay pretty high premiums but at least you won’t pay the highest possible.

All you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you will receive quotes from plenty of car insurance companies in NJ. This is a simple way to find the lowest quote possible and yet to not to have to know most of the New Jersey car insurance law.