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Five Things That are Not Related to Driving and Influence Insurance Premiums in New Jersey

No one said that auto premiums are fair. Some things affect your premiums and yet are not in any way connected to your performance on the road.

Just because you are a great driver, with the perfect driving record does not mean that you are can have cheap auto insurance in New Jersey. There are some things that are pretty much out of your control and that can strongly affect your premiums. Some see them as unfair and unrealistic but nevertheless they are here and they make your premiums to be higher. Here is what makes your premiums high and how to try to deal with that if possible.

Your Bad Credit Score

Many people nowadays have bad credit score and that is a fact. Most of those people are drivers that buy insurance coverage. Regardless how clean their driving record is their premiums will be high just because in some point they missed a payment. Even though that most of the people do not see the connection, good percentage of the insurance companies take that in consideration when they assess your risk. Very often someone with bad driving record but good credit score will pay less on premiums as oppose of you who have good driving record and bad credit rating. The only thing to do is to replace your insurer with one that does not take your credit rating in consideration.

Marriage Status

The NJ car insurance companies say that if you are a single and a driver you get to pay higher premiums. As same as with your credit score that does not make any sense. Your perfect driving record once again cannot change their mind in increasing your rates as oppose of that if you were married. The insurance companies see marriage as a sign of stability. The only solution is to get married.

Past Convictions

For an example let us assume that you were caught driving under the influence when you were a teenager. That is something that can haunt your car policy and keep it high for a long time regardless that you have kept perfect driving record for many years after. DUI Laws in New Jersey are one of the strictest in the country and the insurance companies follow them with one of the highest premiums for the people that violate them. The only way to make that go away is if you call upon on the 1974 act and do not share your past convictions with your insurance agent. This act says that after certain period you are not obligated to share your past convictions with your insurance agent in NJ.

Bad Students Pay Higher Premiums

This is another unfair rule that punishes teenage driver with low school average as oppose of teenagers that have high average. If you do not have average B or higher you do not qualify for a discount regardless how good and responsible driver you might be.

Ignorant People Pay More

Ignorance is a blessing only in movies and never in real life. Many people are ignorant about their car insurance. They do not know that the easiest way to get cheap coverage can be easily done almost effortless. All that you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and select the cheapest New Jersey auto insurance coverage.