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Few Strange Factors That Influence Your Car Insurance Premium in New Jersey

To be skillful and responsible driver is not always enough to get cheap car insurance in New Jersey. Here are some of the strangest things that are taken in consideration by the insurers when they make your premiums.

There are instances such as you are a solid and responsible driver with clean driving record and yet you wonder how some people pay less than you even though they are pretty lousy drivers. The thing with car insurance in New Jersey is that it’s only partially based on your behavior on the roads and more on other factors. Factors that are often considered controversial and seen as unrelated to car insurance in any way. Very often, it is almost impossible to do something about those factors as they are out of your hands. The thing is that insurers often categorize people and if you find yourself in one of those risky categories you will be penalized for that regardless your driving abilities as well as your driving record. Here are some of the most controversial factors that affect your car insurance in New Jersey.

Your credit rating can increase your premiums

Bad credit rating is something that followed most of the Americans during the recession. Most of the average working class people have bad credit rating and just because of that they have to pay higher premiums. Plenty of insurers take that in consideration when they assess your risk. Therefore, if you have ever been late with some payment you need to think twice before you renew your policy. If your insurer considers your credit rating when making your premiums, you need to prepare yourself for higher premiums or look for new insurer that does not take that in consideration.

Unmarried people pay more than married

Yes, this is one more argument that you parents might have on you to marry sooner. Single people pay bigger premiums just because they are single; driving has nothing to do anything with that. On the other hand, once you are married your insurance agent will knock at your door with a discount in the hands. It sounds crazy but the insurance companies see married people as more responsible people.

You make frequent claims

Now this sounds totally crazy but it makes perfect sense if you know how the system works. What’s the point of New Jersey car insurance if they don’t pay you for your claims? The thing is that if you make often claims they will raise your premiums so high that you wished that you paid for those repairs on your own. The math is pretty simple pay for smaller damages and you will keep your premiums to a reasonable level.

You pay higher premiums just because you are doing badly at school

Yes, this might sound even crazier but that is the truth. Students that can prove that they have at least average B or higher can ask for discount. On the other hand, if you are not so good student regardless if you are a great driver you get to pay much higher premiums.  Nerds do one more thing. They are constantly on the internet and they use one of those specialized services get free quotes. If you want to copy their methods enter your zip above and you will get plenty of free quotes as well. There is no better way for finding affordable car insurance in the state of New Jersey.