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Effective Tips for Teens to Shop and Buy Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Teens pay the highest insurance rates of New Jersey car insurance and that`s a fact. Here are few tips on how to change that and pay less for their insurance rates.

New Jersey has some of the highest car insurance rates in the country. Even though that seems unfair, the statistics show that teens are responsible for more traffic accidents than any other age group. However, just because you are part of that group doesn`t mean that you are not entitle of lower rates on your insurance policy. Check out some auto insurance money saving advices for both teens and parents.

–              Good grades equals lower auto insurance rate

Good average not only will help you to get in a reputable college but also at the same time can lower your auto insurance rate. Most of the auto insurance companies offer discount for teenagers with high average. With most of the companies, B-average does the trick.

–              Drivers education

Even so that driver’s education in New Jersey is not obligatory you need to seriously consider this option. Many insurance companies offer discount for teens that enroll in driver`s education and offer discount if you can provide them a written prove that you did so. The money spent on this matter will return to you very soon in terms of lower rates, as opposite of what you would pay though they years without it. Once you do that it will stay forever in your driver`s record.

–              Addition training course

Want to knock even more heard earned dollars of your premium, take an additional training course. Not only that will bring you additional discount and it will be written forever in your driving record but also you will be an expert in safe driving. Considering that traffic accidents are very common that`s a skill that matters a lot, especially when you will have a family.

–              Defense driving course

At this point you might be thinking, oh no another driving course. However, this is not just one driving course; this is the driving course that every responsible driver in New Jersey needs to take. In addition to that, the insurance companies are required to give discount to anyone that has a certificate that has passed this course. The New Jersey motor vehicle commission is the organization that is responsible for giving such certificates.

–              Fancy cars

Sports cars, newer models, flashy cars, they all bring higher premiums. On the other hand if you buy an older more practical ride your insurance rate won`t be too high. Insurance companies will value that and will surely award you with a lower rate of car insurance in New Jersey. Later you can always get the car of your dreams.

–              Deductibles

For this to work, you need to ask your parents to increase their deductibles. If they agree to do so, not only that you will pay lower rates but at the same time they will save some money on their premiums as well. It is one of the win-win situations that everyone loves.

–              Get as many quotes as possible

This is equally important for every driver in New Jersey, not only teenagers that want to find cheap insurance rate. The easiest and fastest way to do so is by entering your zip code above on this page and wait for few seconds.  Once you do that you will be able to find the cheapest rate from some of the best car insurance companies in New Jersey.