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Different Coverage Plans to Include in Your Auto Insurance in New Jersey

There are different laws, rules and regulations, Terms, and conditions for auto insurance in every state. Since you are living in New Jersey to find the best auto insurance quotes New Jersey, you should know about the laws of the state as well. Actually, many more things are needed to be kept in mind like what are different types of insurance policies and what are different kinds of coverage plans that are offered by auto insurance companies in NJ. In this article, we will be discussing about two types of coverage plans that a person should keep in his mind while living in New Jersey.

Coverage to be paid to you when other people were responsible for action:

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you had a collision with an uninsured driver and other driver was responsible for the accident then this coverage plan will compensate for the bodily injuries that you will get in result of that accident. The coverage will also pay you for the damage done to your vehicle as well.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This insurance coverage will compensate you in case if you had an accident with a driver who is total insurance allowance was under the allowance of your policy. This policy will not only cover your expenses for bodily injuries but for the damage done to your vehicle too.

If you opt for the basic coverage plan on your auto insurance in New Jersey then above both coverage plans will not be offered to you because these plans are only available for standard policies.

Coverage that will pay you or the other person irrespective of the fact who caused accident:

Personal injury Protection

Sometimes, this auto insurance plan in New Jersey is also called “No-Fault” coverage as well. This is for the injuries that will be beard by you or other party in case of accident regardless of fact, who caused the accident. It will cover the cost of hospital treatment and medication along with lost wages too. All other similar expenses will also be covered with the help of this policy. The basic policy will give you a maximum coverage of $15,000 but if you get a permanent injury, you will get $250,000. In case of standard policy, you will get $250,000 for the minimal injury as well.

Collision Coverage

Obviously, if you had a collision with another vehicle, there will be a little or a lot of damage done to your car as well. This policy will cover all the repairing expenses for the car regardless of the fact that who was responsible behind the accident. If you apply for basic auto insurance coverage in New Jersey, you might not get this option. However, few insurers give as additional benefit to their customers even in basic policy as well.

Comprehensive Coverage

This will pay you for the damage done to your vehicle that was not due to a collision with another vehicle or anything else. This will cover the damage done to car by fire, theft, and natural disaster like earthquake, flood, snow, or anything else. Therefore, while applying for auto insurance quotes New Jersey, above mentioned are the important policies, which you should keep in mind.