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Things Your Insurer Doesn’t Tell You about Your Car Insurance

Getting cheap auto insurance in New Jersey can be like a walk in the park, that is if everyone knows his rights as a driver and the insurance laws. The insurance companies prefer to keep some things to them and don’t speak about them unless they are asked. Most of them do so because they fear that they will lose your business. However, you as someone who is only interested in getting the best coverage your money can buy you need to know your rights and New Jersey auto insurance laws that affect your premiums. Here are some of the things that are never or rarely heard from an insurance agent.

There is an act that passed in 1974 and that is about not telling your insurer about your past convictions after certain period of time. For an example let’s say you were caught driving under the influence long time ago. If you mention that to your new insurance agent your premiums will significantly increase. The auto insurance laws in New Jersey say that you don’t have to mention that after a period if that is your wish. That way your premium won’t skyrocket.  Even though most of the drivers in NJ don’t know about it doesn’t mean that this law is not in force.

Just because you are single, in a relationship or you have a long engagement you are not qualified for a discount as oppose of married couples. You can have the perfect driving record and yet to pay much higher premiums than your married friends. Most insurance agents don’t talk about it unless they are asked and will only mention this to you when and if you ever get married. Also, they don’t mention that your bad credit score can strongly affect your premiums. Once again that is totally unrelated to your driving record and how you do on the road but it strongly affects your premiums as same as just because you are single. The only way to change that is if you change the insurance company and go with some that does not take that in consideration. However, you need to know that every insurer in NJ can’t refuse to make you an insurance policy just because you have a bad credit score. That is something that is confirmed by law. If an insurer does not respect that you can complain to the commission of motor vehicles in NJ and they can take the matter in their hands.

In addition to all that, most insurance companies won’t tell you that you can renew your cheap auto insurance in New Jersey in any given moment and they are obligated to give you some refund accordingly. You have the right to do so if you want and no one can say you otherwise. They won’t also tell you that you can get plenty of free quotes and find the lowest one. The reason for that is more than obvious; they fear that they will lose your business.

The best and fastest way to do so is to enter your zip above on the top of this page. Combine your knowledge on New Jersey’s auto insurance laws and the quotes that you get and you will surely pay the lowest possible premiums.

Ten Things That Would Make Your Car Insurance Costly

There are things to do and things to avoid doing in order to keep the car insurance premium low or at least not so expensive. Here are ten things to avoid if you don’t want a costly premium.

10. You have a bad credit score

Even though this criterion is considered by all, there are still plenty of auto insurance companies in New Jersey that take it in account when assessing you and making your premium. According to the insurance companies, bad credit score translates into higher insurance risk. That alone can increase your premium for almost 50%. The best way to avoid that is if you enroll in some credit reporting program and pay your bills on time.  Before you make your policy you need to check first is the company taking your credit score in consideration. If you have a bad credit score that is a must ask question.

9. You live in a neighborhood with bad reputation.

Almost every New Jersey car insurance company keeps track of statistics such as number of car thefts or car accidents. As a result, they often increase the premiums for the people that live in those areas. This means thousands of dollars more if you live in a risky area. On the other hand, if you live in an area where car theft and car accidents are not so often you won’t have that problem.

8. Your yearly mileage

According to the insurance companies the more miles you make the bigger the chances to participate in some sort of traffic accident. The more miles translate into higher premium, something that the insurance companies adjust accordingly. If you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars, you need to consider using other transport means like; public transport, carpool or walk.

7. Buy your teenage son/daughter a new ride

Teenage pay the highest premiums, that is their parents do the paying they only do the driving. Insurance policies for a new car for your teenage daughter/son can literary skyrocket the premium. Regardless that the new car might have plenty of safety features it costs much more to insure it than a used car. On the other hand if you buy your kid inexpensive, moderate priced, used car you can avoid paying hundreds of dollars more.

6. Mention convictions from the past

This can cost you quite a bit if you mention it to your insurance agent when making a new or renewing your old policy. According to the New Jersey act that passed in 1974 after certain time period you are not obligated to tell your insurer about your past convictions. Keep that to yourself and you can avoid an increase of your premiums. All you need is to talk to an attorney and he will tell you after which period you don’t have to share your past conviction with the insurance agent.

5. Neglecting your vehicle

Even though that many see vehicle upkeep as a hassle, that is something that you don’t need to avoid. In case of an accident you could be easily charged with driving a vehicle that is unsafe to drive. Once the insurance company finds out that they will surely increase your premiums. If you don’t want to pay higher premiums you need to regularly check your oil, tires, light, coolant.

4. Car improvements

Most of the younger drivers modify their cars to look better and in some cases to drive faster. As a result the cars cost more to repair in case of a traffic accident. That translated into much higher premiums. If you do not want to pay hundreds of dollars more you need to try avoiding talking about it to your insurance agent. But the downside to that is that in case of an accident occurs and you have not reported that the NJ car insurance company might refuse to pay for the damage. At the end of the day, you need to make your own math and see how much the modification of your car will truly cost you.

3. Lowering the deductibles

By doing so, you are telling your insurer to assume higher risk. As a result of that your insurer will pay the difference between the cost of the damage if you get into a traffic accident and the deductibles. The insurance companies compensate by raising your rates. This can easily mean hundreds to thousands of dollars per year added to your insurance coverage rates. The best way to avoid it is not to lower the deductibles. In case you need to do that, than try to avoid some drastic amount.

2. Combining insurance policies.

Many couples once they are married choose to combine their New Jersey car insurance company policies. The problem with that is if your spouse has a bad driving record. You can have the cleanest driving record, but if your spouse has a bad one your premium will suffer. You can count on couple of hundreds of dollars more each year. The way to avoid that is not to combine your policies. On the other hand if your spouse has a good driving record as well than you can count on lower premiums. The important thing is to talk this through with your spouse and try to anticipate how that will turn out for both of you.

1. Caught driving under the influence.

Not many other things can skyrocket your premiums like driving under influence. In the state of New Jersey anyone caught with a BAC of 0.08% or greater operating a motor vehicle is categorized to be driving under the influence of alcohol. If you don’t want to add thousand and more dollars to your premiums don’t drink, simple as that. Get a cab or ask someone else to give you a ride or you will pay thousands of dollars more on your auto insurance policy for many years just because of that last glass of wine or whatever.

However, with all that said so far there is one more thing to know if you are interested in not overpaying your car insurance policy. That is to get as many quotes as possible. The easiest and the fastest way to do so is to enter your zip above at the top of this page and you will find the cheapest car insurance in New Jersey.

Important Tips on Having Cheap Car Insurance in New Jersey

There is a formula if you want to get the cheapest car insurance in New Jersey. Here it is if you are interested in that.

Finding cheap auto insurance in New Jersey is the dream of every driver in the State. Obtaining one is not that hard if you know some of the New Jersey insurance laws, how insurance companies work, their requirements and what to do about it in order to get the cheapest. Here are some of the most important tips that can help you find the cheapest one.

CheapCarInsuranceInNewJerseyFirst you need to know that auto insurance in NJ is mandatory by law and everyone that wants to drive legally in this State needs to possess one every time when he or she sits in a car. Secondly, there are few types of policies to choose from. With which policy you will go depends on you and how much coverage you need.

Once you choose how much coverage you need, there are few steps you can take towards getting the cheapest one available. The first should be to try to learn as much as possible about your rights and the New Jersey auto insurance laws. For an example, many people don’t know that every insurer that works on the territory of New Jersey is obligated by law to give the driver a discount if he or she has passed the defensive driving course. Pass the course and there is no way not to get a discount on your car coverage. Another thing that obligates insurers to get you a discount is if you have good high school average. Any teenager with high school average of B or higher qualifies for a discount.

In addition to all that, there are few more ways to get cheap auto insurance in New Jersey. One way to get a discount is if you put all your insurance policies under one company. If you have some other insurance packages such as life insurance, health insurance or house insurance package you can put them under one roof or under one insurer. Insurance companies love that and offer great discounts for customers that do that. What you just need to do is inform your insurance agent and he will grant you the discount that same moment.

On the other hand, there are few things that you need to avoid doing if you want to have some chance to obtain cheap car insurance. One of the most important things is to try to keep a clean driving record free of traffic violations. The cleaner the driving record the bigger the discounts will be every year. You also need to try to keep away from alcohol when operating a vehicle. DUI Laws in New Jersey are pretty rigorous and if caught by influence you can permanently stain your driving record.

Finding the cheapest car insurance does not involve just studying the auto insurance laws in New Jersey and how insurers do their business. You need to try to get as many quotes as possible. That does not mean to call every car insurer in New Jersey separately and ask for a quote. There is a faster and more efficient way to do so. All you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you can have the free quotes from some of the New Jersey’s cheapest car insurance companies.

Important Details That a Teenage Driver Should Know About Car Insurance in New Jersey

There are few things that every teenage driver should know about if he or she wants to keep the premiums at a normal range. Here are the most important things that make the biggest difference for car insurance premiums for teen drivers in the state of NJ.

The simple fact is that almost every teen driver in the state of New Jersey does not know almost anything about car insurance laws in New Jersey or car insurance in general. Some of them only know that the law obligates them to have it and that their parents are on top of it. However, there are few things that every teen driver should know about in order the parents not to pay large premiums for his or her car insurance. Follow some of the most important things that influence their car insurance policy and that can have a huge effect on the policy for a long time after they are out of their teenage years. The mistakes that you make as a teenage driver can affect your insurance policy for the rest of your life.

Having good high school average does not only mean that you can easily sign up on some of the best colleges but it also means that you will pay much less for your car insurance than your friends with lower average. Vast majority of the New Jersey car insurance companies offer discounts to teenagers that have an average B or higher. Therefore, hit the books if you don’t want to get a new part time job to pay off your car insurance premiums. In addition to that, you need to keep in mind that insurance companies also care what type of car you will drive. If you opt for an expensive car you need to be prepared for really high premiums. New cars cost more to insure than used cars. If you decide to make few improvements to your car such as having fancy spoilers or boost your car engine, you will be surprised how high a car can premium can go. If you as a teenage driver can get your hands on a sports car, car insurance rates can increase to another level. At that point, you will need to pay a small fortune for your car insurance.

There is a rule that says the less you drive the car the lower the premium will be. If you use your car only to drive to school or work, you are probably eligible for some discount. The less mileage you do per year the less your premium will be. If you spend more time in your car, the premium grows.

You need to tell your insurance agent if you are doing less than 10.000 miles per year. If that is true you can count on a really good discount. The defensive driving course is another thing that can lower your premiums. Every New Jersey car insurance company is obligated by law to give you a discount to anyone that can prove that he or she has passed the course, teenagers included. Take the course, show the certificate to your insurance agent and he will have to grant you a discount because of it. Limiting your lawsuit options is also something that needs to be taken in consideration when making an insurance policy for a teen driver. This can significantly lower the burden of the high premiums that you need to pay as a teen driver. The downside is that in most cases you cannot sue if you are involved in a traffic accident in which it is someone else`s fault. However, there are some exceptions and you can sue in case of loss of body part, displaced fracture, significant disfigurement or scarring, permanent injury and death.

Another important thing to have in mind as a teenage driver is to try and not make claims often for every little thing. Try to make up for some of the smaller damages from your own pocket and your premiums won’t grow the following year. They rise with much faster pace if you are teenage driver. Buying a new stop light or fixing the spoiler if its broken a bit is always a smart move and your dad who covers your insurance will surely value that. If fixing small damages from your own pocket was just another important thing, not drinking while driving is the most important. That is one of the main reasons why teenagers all over the country, not only in New Jersey, pay the highest premiums. Insurance companies have the statistics on their side to prove that. The DUI Laws in New Jersey are pretty strict when it comes to teenage drivers and the insurance companies to go along with that. The coverage for teenage driver caught driving under the influence is something that can make you turn your part time into a full time one. Therefore, try to avoid driving when going on a party or going clubbing.

Going with the same insurance company as your parents is probably the wisest thing that a teen can do. That is if they have a clean driving record. Otherwise, you will not be doing yourself a favor. Car insurance companies love when families bring their business to them and they regularly offer great discounts because of that. In addition to all that you can ask your insurance agent to tell you about every discount that their company has and check if you are eligible for some of them. Different insurance companies have different policies and offer different discounts. Your agent will either tell you verbally or he will give you a document that contains all the discounts they offer for their clients. The final and the thing that can bring you the lowest car insurance rate is getting as many quotes as possible.

In order to do this you don’t need to know every New Jersey car insurance law. Instead you need only to enter your zip above on this same page and get quotes from some of the best companies in NJ.

Four Types of People That Pay the Highest Premiums on Their Auto Insurance in New Jersey

There are different types of people that have one thing in common: their high car insurance premiums. Here follow those groups and why in average the pay the highest rates.

Firstly, it needs to be emphasized that the car insurance laws in New Jersey are the same for everyone, regardless the race, age, social background and so on. However, some types of people pay in average more than others. The insurance companies see them as much risky and as a result of that they give them much higher premiums. Here follow a list of few types of people that in average pay higher premiums than other people.

Rich people

In average, rich people pay much higher premiums than the rest of the people and there are few reasons for that. First, they drive expensive or some rare exotic cars. In case of an accident, they cost a lot to be repaired and as a result of that the insurance companies raise the premiums. Second, they have more than one expensive car in their garage.

People that like to drink

If you like to have a drink or two after work, the chances are good to be caught under the influence. The DUI Laws in New Jersey are pretty strict and police officers are always on the watch for people that drive under the influence. To be considered that you are driving under the influence your BAC needs to be 0.08% or higher. Once that enters your driver’s record the insurance companies will make you pay for those few drinks for many years after. Every time you will renew your insurance policy the insurance agent will see the “red flags” around your name and your rates will be pretty high.

Adrenalin junkies

Some people are always constantly looking for a way to raise their adrenalin. Driving fast is one of the easiest and fastest ways to do so. Every time you get a speed ticket, it goes into your driver’s record. If you are one of those people you need to give up from high speed driving and to look for another way to increase your adrenalin. One speed ticket and your driver’s record will be damaged almost forever and you can forget about low New Jersey car insurance premiums.


This is one of the riskiest groups of drivers which pay the highest premiums. Plus, New Jersey car insurance companies have statistical numbers to prove them that they have the right for doing so. Teenagers with good school average, drive used cars, and take defensive driving course lessons are qualified for much lower premiums. On the other hand, most of the teenagers opt for new and often more expensive cars, like to show off by driving fast, don’t hesitate to have few drinks while driving and so on. That is the typical behavior for most of the teenage drivers in the country. Once they are over that phase they regret it, but by that time their driving record is pretty much full of different traffic violations and their car premiums are crazy high.

The only thing to do in any case, regardless if you have found yourself in some of the mentioned groups is to get as many quotes as possible. You will still pay pretty high premiums but at least you won’t pay the highest possible.

All you need to do is to enter your zip above on this page and you will receive quotes from plenty of car insurance companies in NJ. This is a simple way to find the lowest quote possible and yet to not to have to know most of the New Jersey car insurance law.

Four Common Factors That Can Significantly Raise Your New Jersey Car Insurance Premium

Even though there are a lot of factors that influence your insurance coverage, there are some that stand out that can make it unbelievably high. Here follow some of the most influential ones.

When it comes to car insurance in New Jersey the law is pretty clear; every driver needs to have at least a basic coverage in order to drive legally on the streets of this state. Everyone caught without it can and will be fined by the police. However, how much you will pay for your car coverage is something that is in your hands. There are things to consider if you don’t want to pay large amounts for car insurance. Try to avoid some of the below mentioned factors and you can maintain your coverage at a normal range. On the other hand, if you don’t follow the recommendations you better have a small fortune on the side just for car insurance. Here are most important factors that can significantly increase your coverage.

Traffic violations

Regardless how small or trivial, the violation is if it gets in your driver’s record your car coverage will increase. Keeping a clean driver’s record is essential if you want your coverage rate to be at range you can afford. One small accident can make you pay for it every time you renew your coverage. In case an accident occurs, you need to repair the damage on your own. That is if it’s a smaller damage. The less the insurance is involved the lower your rate. The main conclusion is to keep your eyes open and try to make fewer mistakes.

Don’t drink and drive

This is probably one big cliché sentence, but when it comes to car coverage in NJ this can make one big difference. No factor can influence your auto insurance rate in this State than if caught under the influence of alcohol. You are done once you are caught driving under influence and that goes into your driving record in terms of paying normal New Jersey car insurance premium. DUI Laws in New Jersey are one of the strictest in the country and with it the car insurance rates. The main conclusion is if you intend to have a drink or two don’t drive your car, get a cab it will cost you much less than you think.

Watch your credit rating

This seems unrelated to car insurance but it’s something that matters a lot too many car insurance companies. The lower your credit rating is the higher your car coverage premium can be. According to the insurance companies, people with bad credit rating are at greater accident risks than those with good credit rating even though there aren’t any statistics to prove that they strongly stick to that. However, there are still some insurance companies that don`t take that into consideration when assessing you and making your premium.

Get NJ auto insurance quotes from a large number of companies

By not doing so often leads to overpaying for your car insurance. You need to check out what’s out there and make sure that your insurance company is overcharging you as it has happened to many people.

Getting free quotes from plenty of New Jersey car insurance companies is much easier than you thought. Just enter your zip on the top of the page and you are done. That’s the easiest, the fastest and at the most efficient way to get plenty of free quotes.

Detailed Characteristics of a Company That Offers Cheap Car Insurance in New Jersey

Only some insurance companies can be categorized as great. Here is what makes an insurance company to be categorized as such.

Finding cheap auto insurance in New Jersey is no easy task even though that there are plenty of insurers that operate on its territory. One of the fastest ways to find the cheapest one is by finding great insurance company. Even though that most of the insurance companies advertise their coverage as the best and the cheapest out there, the truth is that only some of them have the right to do so. Most of the car insurance companies are just advertised as such and cannot be considered as such because their rates are neither lowest nor their coverage is the best. However, there are few characteristics of a cheap and great insurance company that can serve as a giveaway and that can help you find one.

The first thing that can give way to a insurer of a cheap auto insurance in New Jersey is how free they feel to talk about their competition, their rates, their coverage and their own as oppose of theirs. That is a great sign that they are not afraid of their competition and that they feel that they have something more to offer than their competition. On the other hand if they try to avoid talking on that topic you will know that their terms are not the best on the market.

Second of all is to ask them to tell you how they calculate your premium and what they take in consideration when they make it. Different companies calculate the premiums differently and you need to have a full overview on how your insurance company does that. For an example many companies take your credit score in consideration when they make your premiums. If you have a good credit score, you are ok but if not you can pay much higher premiums than you should. People with bad credit score should always ask that question to their insurer agent and make sure that is not considered when they assess how big of risk they are. Also, if you have some prior traffic violations you need to see how they affect your rates. The thing is that different traffic violations affect your premiums differently. One should always ask their policy on DUI and New Jersey auto insurance laws. Especially if you have been caught driving under the influence. That can differently affect your premiums with different insurers.

Also, a god insurance company needs to tell you that there are auto insurance laws in New Jersey which says that you don’t need to mention your previous convictions that happened far in your past. That is a great sign that they care about you getting the lowest possible rate there is. In addition to that, you need to establish good communication with your insurance agent and to be able to talk to him or her about every aspect of your insurance. Healthy communication is something that is important in everything not only in car insurance.

The most important thing that makes an insurer great is not to mind if you do a small search and get free quotes from other insurance companies. The best way to do so is if you write your zip above on this page. Once you do that you can get free quotes from some of the cheapest New Jersey car insurance companies.

Purchasing Car Insurance in NJ Carefully

Obtaining insurance programs is linked with the sources available in the society and used generally by all companies in this business. There are a number of companies that are in performance in this business and offering various packages and programs. The presentation of these programs is based on the financial status of customer. Some programs are designed with equal perception. Due to equal perception and preparation, these programs are used by all kinds of people without difference of financial conditions and regions. The suitable example of these programs is stated with the car insurance in NJ.

This program is prepared with general perception and also liked by all residents of this state. There are some qualities of this program which are making this program unique and sole in the market. The first quality of this program is stated that this program is available for all people. This availability is possible without difference of age and gender. This availability is possible for all people without difference of any particular profession. This program of insurance is accessible for all those people which are known as old age, in the same way this program is usable and useful for young generation of NJ. This program is also obtainable with the use of modern communication sources that are making the availability of this program easy and effortless for customers. This car insurance in NJ can also be used by those people who are known as rich people in society due to high economical sources. The benefits of this program are also obtainable for those people which have limited financial sources.

Purchasing from insurance provider companies is performed by customer through his zip code. This code is based on the name of state and very useful in this business for categorization and classification of programs and customers. Customers are also easy with these facilities and they can purchase insurance for the safety and protection of their vehicles. The knowledge of all those terms that are used in purchasing of insurance procedure is also crucial and vital for all customers.

When you have loaned cash to purchase your automobile, the financial institution’s insurance requirements may include that you have to additionally carry extensive and/or collision protections to safeguard their own financial fascination with your automobile. In situation where your vehicle is actually older, the actual rates with regard to collision and comprehensive protection could cost greater than the vehicle will probably be worth.  Generally, you will likely double your own insurance high quality should you include these protections for your coverage.

Through this knowledge they can take a suitable action at the right time. This suitability is very crucial but beneficial. Through this, customer can choose an appropriate company for purchasing his insurance. This decision must be done carefully and with support of lucid and knowledgeable individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cheap Auto Insurance Rates and Laws

Since auto insurance in the state of New Jersey is compulsory, every person will be looking for the cheapest policy quotes within the area. However, it is not very easy to come across the auto insurance company which provides policies at an affordable price and very efficient services at the same time. Therefore, following certain tips is highly emphasized. This passage answers some very important questions that are frequently asked by car owners who have prospects of coming across a provider of cheap auto insurance within New Jersey.  If you read this information very carefully, you will find it easy to come across a very cheap auto insurance policy with efficient services.

How can I search for the cheapest New Jersey auto insurance?

In the past people used to search for auto insurance providers within the state of New Jersey by collecting different quotes by going to auto insurance companies one by one. Instead of having to burn your gas travelling, all you have to do is to use the online tool for comparing quotes. Simply enter your zip code into the search box and you will see the top auto insurance providers in New Jersey.

What is the meaning of DUI and DWI?

When the two abbreviations DUI and DWI are used, most people get confused. It is not surmising to learn that a good number of questions arise about these two abbreviations. Both DUI and DWI refer to driving under the influence of or driving while being influenced by a toxic substance such as beer or heroin. The main reason why New Jersey authorities are very particular about DUI is for its marked impact on the number of car accidents and eventual deaths today. The state has introduced several stiff penalties and fines aimed at punishing the offender. Some punishments are as worse as suspending the offender’s license indefinitely.

In what way are car insurance rates calculated and what are the main factors which affect them?

Before the rates can be calculated, the company will take into account the risks that are associated with giving you their auto insurance policy. This will usually involve an assessment of the number of accidents that you had in the past. The auto insurance policy provider might also consider the number of previous insurance claims that you made. Based on these two factors, the company will be able to calculate your rates in estimation. High risk drivers are usually made to pay more for their New Jersey auto insurance. In addition to the factors above, the company will also take into account your location. If you live in a densely populated area, you will obviously pay more for your auto insurance policy. On the other hand, urban residents will pay less for their auto insurance policy if the same reasoning is used.

FAQs about Auto Insurance in New Jersey for Teenagers and Basic Coverage

Auto insurance policy is very important policy coverage. In order to benefit fully from it, it is important to ensure that you are aware about all the information stated in the policy. Important facts that are related to auto insurance in New Jersey are of concern to people and they are eager to learn all the useful tips on managing an auto insurance policy properly, how to get the best coverage from the auto insurance policy and how to get a cheaper rate.

Can a teenager be given an auto insurance policy within the state of New Jersey?

AutoInsuranceInNewJerseyIt is possible for teenagers to be able to obtain auto insurance in New Jersey. However, all teenagers are considered to be high risk drivers. For this reason, most auto insurance providers prefer not to give teenagers such policies. Although there are some auto insurance policy providers who are willing to insure teenagers, they will be subjected to very high insurance rates. If you are considering to be insured under the auto insurance policy of your parents, then your parents will obviously be paying a bigger sum.

What is Personal Injury Protection Policy or PIP? Is there such a plan given by the auto insurance policy providers within the state of New Jersey?

PIP is the insurance policy that is used to cover the medical expenses of the individuals who were involved in accidents caused by the insured car owner. This policy is usually provided as an option. This means that it will not be available if the insured has not added it as one of the options. The auto insurance policy provider will only cover the medical expenses for every injured person according to the clause stated in the policy. If the expenses of the accident exceed the amount stated in the policy, the insured will have to fend for him.

If I have a basic auto insurance policy; am I entitled to the liability insurance policy?

This question is usually brought up by the lower income earners who are based within the state of New Jersey and who have prospects of buying the basic auto insurance policy. Liability coverage is available to persons who have the basic auto insurance policy. Although the bodily injury liability insurance is not available, a sum of $10,000 for medical expenditure is provided to all accident victims as per accident. In addition, property damage coverage is given for every accident victim. A sum of $5,000 for property damage liability is available for every accident victim per accident. In general, the liability insurance option is available to every person in New Jersey regardless of whether that person has the basic or standard policy. However, more benefits are associated with the liability insurance that is under the standard policy.